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Saturday, 9 March 2019
The Jesus Path And New Age Ascension

To those, unclear about the term Ascension please look at it from the generic view. We can then go from there to "The New Age Movement of David Wilcock""The Works of L.Ron Hubbard" and "The Christian Religion". Please click on the links for more information. 

I chose the above three religions because I have a degree of familiarity with each of them. 

David Wilcock got his insights on Ascension from different spiritual sources, mostly from Tibetan Buddism and "The Law of One". He's a self proclaimed authority on this subject and now teaches a course on it "The Ascension Mystery School". 

L.Ron Hubbard is the founder of Scientology and his stated goal is to produce free powerful beings from techniques used on "The Bridge to Total Freedom".  

Jesus Christ is founder of Christianity, a path of salvation and empowerment that goes beyond this life and this planet. I've paid particular attention to Jesus because his life, deathdecent into hell, resurrection and ascension is part of every believer's mind and experience. Please check out the doctrines of Baptism and Communion

I've written many blog entries on Jesus and the Christian religion which are contained on the right side of this blog under "Cosmic Views of the Universe".

In walking the path from darkness into light, we must discover the truth about Christ's death and decent into hell. 

Ascension to heaven is the last destination of Christ's journey through life, death, hell and resurrection on Earth. All believers can share this journey.    

New age religions talk about "Ascended Masters", but there's no express elevator ride to higher states of being. The ascension path is often filled with negative emotions, lies, pain and the death of our fellow human beings. We must help them gain freedom from sickness and oppression.  

"No man is an island. Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved with mankind. Therefore, never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee". John Donne. 

P.S. What does the title "Jesus is Lord" mean?   There are dangerous 26,000 years cycles that could end up as a catatrophe for planet Earth, but Christ is now Lord and can now harness energy for the good of all mankind.



Posted by qualteam at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Friday, 15 March 2019 12:12 PM EDT
Friday, 18 January 2019
Major Differences Between Canada's and America's Government

There is no way that a US-like shutdown of the Canadian Government would be supported by the Canadian Senate.  

The Canadian Senate has only 105 representatives and they owe their jobs to the Prime Minister

PM, Justin Trudeau recently appointed 49 Senators to fill out the numerical limit. The Senate can only slow down legislation from the House, but they can never stop it. It is "The House of Sober Second Thought".  

Most Canadians see the Senate as a place to put cronies of the Government and want it abolished.  

The Head of State is the Governor General who represents the Queen, but the Governor General is a figurehead appointed by the Prime Minister. 

In order to bring down the Prime Minister, you have to bring down his whole Government in a Non-Confidence Vote. 

The US wrote its Constitution a few years before 1776, but Canada worked on its Constitution for over 120 years before the politicians got it right, sealing the deal in 1982.

We're actually the first country to have "Multiculturalism" enshined in our Constitution.   

In my opinion, the Canadian Government runs much smoother than the American Government.  

Top Seven Things That I Like About Canada.   

P.S.  US Government services should be spared these shutdowns based on the political agenda of Republican, Democrat or President.  Many call this brinkmanship, blackmail or hostage taking. Funding for the "The Government Continuation of Services" should be legislated so they're not stopped during a political dispute.   


Posted by qualteam at 4:03 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 21 January 2019 11:53 AM EST
Thursday, 3 January 2019
A Referendum On Trump's Wall And The US Govt Shutdown

In Canada, over the last forty years, we've had three referendums (two in Quebec and one nationally) and they've all ended successfully. The majority won the day and the issues at the time were resolved.

Former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien would be a excellent choice to advise the America Government on referendums. He participated in the three above. 

I find it hard to believe that the US President would hold part of his government hostage to achieve his political ends. In the November election, Trump went on a hate offensive against immigrants to win seats in the Senate and Congress, but lost 40 seats in the house.  

There are appears to be a severe impasse over border security issues between Trump and Congress. The easiest way to break this stalement is a referendum on Trump's five and half billion dollar wall. Do the majority of Americans WANT IT OR NOT? 

The whole issue of Border Security can be opened up as to what works and what doesn't. It should be debated with all Americans and they can decide on what direction they want to go. 

It's obvious to me that a wall isn't going to stop immigrants from being smuggled into the US illegallly

While the pros and cons of a border wall are being debated, the government workers can go back to their jobs.

If Americans are going to pay for this wall, they have a right to voice their opinion on it with a decisive vote.   

P.S. Getting rid of Trump: You can ImpeachTrump. Get a mental assessment of him that proves "mental incapacitation or illness":Amendment25. You can play "Ground Hog Day"with him until the Republicans cave in. You can defeat him in a Wall Referendum that would act as a "nonconfidence vote on his leadership". In my estimation, the Wall Referendum is the best way to hasten the departure of El Presidente.  



Posted by qualteam at 11:43 AM EST
Updated: Saturday, 5 January 2019 12:55 PM EST
Thursday, 15 November 2018
A 21st Century View of Hell

From my research and personal past life memories, I have concluded that Earth has been a prison planet for 1.5 million years. There are others who share this view

About a million years ago, it was made into minimum security prison for powerful beings that resembled Q from "The Q Continuum". There were dysfunction Qs at the time who couldn't face past deaths, couldn't orientate their behavior to service to others and couldn't develop their skills beyond a certain point.  

I used Twilight Zone episodes to illustrate examples of the rehabilitaton therapy used. The therapy simulated past memories in the beings and the problems were reproduced as holodeck dramas. 

There was some success using these techniques with the Qs and 4D souls, but not with lower beings. They became obsessed by the computer technology used to create these holodeck programs. Many became cyborgs who became infected with computer viruses. 

The cyborgs were terminated and the souls reincarnated as different species of humans. The humans lived simple lives of survival on Earth. Most souls were returned to a state of innocence without past life memories or the computer virus. Earth was a medium security prison at that time. This era was from 800,000 BC to 700,000 BC.

Both humans on Marduk/Tiamat (where the Astroid Belt is) and Earth were under these prison conditions. 

Unfortunately, the Mardukian humans were contaminated by an alien race called "The Annunaki" who were trying to create a master race by gene splicing. This lead to wars against "inferior races" which resulted in Marduk/Tiamat getting destroyed by a mysterious weapon.  

Billions of souls were fused together from this destruction. This was talked about by David Wilcock in his GAIA Wisdom Teachings taken from "The Law of One".   When the souls were separated by "The RA Collective", most of them were placed in Neanderthal bodies. 

The evil being who engineered the destruction of Marduk and the fusion of souls was known as Lucifer. From a 21st century perpective, he probably looked and sounded like Star Wars' Emperor Palpatine, a master of "The Dark Side of the Force"

Earth then became a maximum security prison. Quarantine was instituted by the Galaxy Foundation. 

Lucifer was able to harness the fear, hatred and pain from the fused souls of Marduk to manipulate both the Annunaki and humans to do his will. Those who rebelled against him were sent to Earth where they mined for gold until they rotted in hell. This was about 300,000 years ago.  

The original Hell wasn't perfect. There would be numerous rebellions and escapes. No one wants to be slave for countless years. Humans yearn for freedom. 

Lucifer refined the holodeck programs into a programable Matrix where souls would be deluded that they were in Heaven and he was their god. If a person didn't know they were in Hell, they wouldn't try to escape. 

Pain, fear, hatred and delusions exerted almost perfect control over man.

The history of man ran red with rivers of blood in endless wars. 

Human negative emotion became fodder for evil spirits who were trained in the dark side of the force. 

It was into this environment that the Salvation Plan of God was implemented around 2000 BC by Jesus Christ

The job for Jesus was to undo "The Works of the Devil. It took a great deal of courage to attack evil, sin and pain in the timeless chaos where it was festering.

Jesus/Neo decended into Hell(The Matrix) and took "The Red Pill" which enabled him to see the truth and destroy agent Smith (Lucifer's avatar).

To become a Christian is to share Christ's life, death, descent, resurrection and Ascension. This was a major victory over evil

The Devil's Kingdom in the 21st century is now referred to as "The Deep State". The end goal of the Deep State is slavery for every man, woman and child on Earth. They are capable of bringing hell on Earth. They must be stopped. 

Corey Goode and David Wilcock have great confidence that the Deep State/Cabal can be taken down by an Earth Alliance. That's ok, but there are other powerful groups involved in Full Disclosure which include positive ETs and The Extraterrestial Church Christ. 

Any earth group is susceptible to infiltration by the enemy. Qanon is an good example of this. 

The Secret Space Program mentioned by several whistleblowers is trying to bring about Full Disclosure. The lastest intel from Corey Goode moves the narrative in that direction.

There is a job for all of us (man or ET) to do before "The Second Coming of Christ".

 "There is nothing hidden that won't be revealed".  

Mankind will soon be free from the tentacles of Hell and the armies of the night. 




Posted by qualteam at 8:50 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 18 November 2018 11:52 PM EST
Wednesday, 10 October 2018
The Blue Wave 2018

After six successful years and two very bad years, the Canadian Federal Conservatives were devastated in the election in 1993. Their big majority was reduced to TWO SEATS.  I won't go into the reasons of why they screwed up so badly. The Canadian electorate got very anger at them and punished them severely.  It was our version of "The Blue Wave" in Canada.

It looks like the vast majority of Americans want a stiff new broom to clean out Trump's version of "The Swamp". Many are sick and tired of his almost continuous lies. After two years he looks more like a fascist dictator than a democratic President. He rails against the media, Democrats, immigrants, and anyone who disagrees with him. He's got a very big hate list. 

Then there's Trump's trade wars which will have a negative outcome.  Why do the free trading Ronald Reagan Republicans support this protectionist crap? In 2002, Bush backed off of tariffs after many jobs were lost. The depression was extended because of American tariffs. Surely, some Republicans have learned from the mistakes of the past, but many are just ass-kissers of El Presidente.

A favourite topic of mine is government deficits. In a recent Ontario election, the ruling Liberal party lost all but eight seats in legislature because they created a huge deficit and then lied about it.

It is also well known that the Republican Congress have added to the 21 trillion dollar deficit with tax cuts. Their way of paying for the tax cuts and the deficit is cutting medicare and social security.  

Trump and the Senate Republicans have also tried to stack "The Supreme Court" with Republican partisans.  

Does any of the above make you very angry? I'd say that you are well on your way to becoming part of "The Democratic Blue Wave".

P.S. The cost of Trump's trade wars are starting to appear as lost jobs in America and a huge stock decline of over a 1000 points in two days.  

P.S.P.S. Under article 232, Trump has the power to levy massive tariffs on any nation for "security reasons". The Congress should have a check on this power as well as any acts of war by the President

What about children's issues? What would they say about their future?



Posted by qualteam at 3:20 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 12 October 2018 12:19 PM EDT
Monday, 3 September 2018
Canada/U.S. Trade Agreements/Conflicts and Trump

When the President of the U.S. revealed he didn't know that America's second biggest trading partner was/is Canada), you can be sure there's a big problem somewhere. If he's looking at the big picture in some kind of fog, he definitely doesn't see all the complex parts of a trade deal and that includes NAFTA.

It would be great if he studied the history between America and Canada which would include Canada/U.S. trade deals.  Trump has to understand that the U.S has always had more economic leverage and clout than Canada in negotiations. Pierre Trudeau (Justin's father) called the U.S., the big elephant that we're sleeping with. You have to be cautious that the elephant doesn't turn over on you. 

Canada learned to be cautious with the U.S. because in our early history with America, President Madison declared war on Britian and fought several land battles against the Canadians from 1812 to 1814. Obviously, he failed because Canada is still here. From 1840 to 1846, it looked like Canada/Britain and the U.S. were going to go to war over the Oregon/British Columbia territory, but President Polk negotiated a compromise in 1846 that established the 49th parallel as the boundary between Canada and the U.S. 

Trade improved between the two countries and Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier considered a free trade deal in the early 1900s, but it didn't come about because Canadians were afraid the U.S. would take over Canada economically. 

In the 1930s, the U.S. placed large tariffs on imported goods which prolonged the depression for both Canada and the U.S. 

Again, faced with economic domination from a powerful America in the late 1940s, Prime Minister Mackenzie King turned down a free trade deal. 

One of the most successful trade deals between Canada and the U.S. was the Auto Pact which ran from 1965 to 2001. This paved the wave for the breakthrough Free Trade Deal by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and President Ronald Reagan. Reagan's vision of shared mutual prosperty resonated with many Canadians. 

Reagan's vision of free trade and prosperity expanded into NAFTA in 1994. Many Republicans and some Democrats supported this deal. Without a doubt, NAFTA expanded trade between all three partners (The U.S., Mexico and Canada). Generally, there were good results for all countries.

There was an attempt to modernize NAFTA within the Trans Pacific Partnership, but Trump vetoed that. 

Over the last few months, Trump has become impatient with Canada and the complexities of NAFTA. He has become obsessed with enforcing his will on Canadians and threatening to punishing them if they don't comply with what he wants.  

Trump complains about tariffs on dairy despite the fact the U.S. has a trade surplus on dairy with Canada. The U.S. Government also have subsidies and barriers of their own:  "American producers, who also benefit from subsidies and tariffs, exported about $227 million worth of dairy goods to Canada last year, resulting in a surplus of about $114 million". "After you take out oil products from Canada’s exports to the U.S., the U.S. runs a massive trade surplus plus against Canada, to the tune of $49 billion in 2016."

Trump is well known for his distortions of reality with his many lies which are quickly approaching 5000 since he started his presidency in 2017.

Trump has often complained about "stupid leaders making stupid trade deals". I heard him say that during the G7 conference in 2018. This would included revered Republican leaders like Ronald Reagan, George Bush Snr and many others

Trump calls himself an "A1 President", "a Stable Genius". If he says so, then it must be true. What do you think?  





Posted by qualteam at 10:07 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 4 September 2018 12:40 PM EDT
Friday, 3 August 2018
Qanon: The Mystery Man Behind The Donald Trump Mythology

Without a doubt "Qanon" has hyjacked parts of the truther/disclosure movement.

It appears that he got “the mass arrests of the cabal” from Corey Goode’s Secret Space Program. Other ideas about the cabal and its fixation on pedophilia seem to come from David Wilcock.

I followed Q for some time last year and early this year. He was predicting mass arrests back in Nov/17 and in Mar/18 than July/18. Hillary and Podestra are suppose to be under arrest, but they’re not. The whole Mueller Investigation was suppose to produce tens of thousands of arrests, but that hasn't happen. Mueller is investigating Russian meddling and collusion in the 2016 election

According to Q, Mueller is actually investigating and indicting deep state criminals rather than Russian operatives. I find that hard to believe. 

Supposedly, Trump has busted thousands of pedophile rings but that isn’t true either. Check out this article that featured Roseann Barr

People arrested are supposedly sent to Guantanamo Bay for secret military trials which is a clear violation of “due process of law” and smacks of Fascism. I’m aware of mythology building, storytelling and how critics are dealt with in some organizations. I was in Scientology for 25 years.

It also appears that Putin and Trump are working together “to purify the West and Europe from pedophiles and satanists.” 

I think Q was active in the Pizzagate smear campaign against Hillary Clinton in 2016. This campaign identified Hillary as a leader of a big pedophilia ring. It probably cost her the election.  

Q followers are desperate to implicate Democrats in pedophilia so they reached as far back as Watergate which they called "Pedogate."

The Q phenomena comes across as a malicious propaganda campaign to help Republicans and Trump get reelected. Q smears Trump’s enemies and exalts him as the savior of America and the World.

If Trump and Q were part of the Earth Alliance,  it appears that it was subverted by authoritarians who just want to take over and rule the world their way. If that was the case, Fox News would become the only authorized media outlet and dissenters would secretly disappear. 

It is highly likely that Russia hackers and financiers are behind both Qanon and Trump. Check out the evidence for yourself



Posted by qualteam at 8:25 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 5 August 2018 1:06 PM EDT
Wednesday, 27 June 2018
The Case Against Donald Trump

A short while ago, there were some things about Donald Trump that I liked. Draining the swamp was one of them and disclosing part of the Secret Space Program  with advanced technology was another.

It was suggested on some internet forums that he was a leader in the "Earth Alliance", a group that is seeking to free mankind from "The Shadow Government" that runs everything. Supposedly, Donald Trump was hand-picked by the mililary for the presidency to arrest the evil minions of The Shadow Government. 

Trump also had access to persuasive advanced military technology that could be used to get a peace treaty with North Korea. I believe it was "this kind of persuasion" that won the day with Kim Jong Un.    

It didn't take long for me to see there were very negative things about this guy. Here is my top ten list in order of importance.

  1. Trump's desire to use economic force (i.e.tariffs) against the nations of the world like China in order to bring them to their knees and give him the trade concessions he wants. Not a win/win agreement, but a "I win, you lose" agreement. Needless to say, tariffs in the past have resulted in lose/lose situations.  
  2. The steel tariffs against Canada  were justified by lies (tariffs because of "security reasons") which obscured the real reason:"I want to get a quick win from a smaller/weaker leader, so I can crow about it during the midterm elections." 
  3. Trump's ideological fixation on "trade deficits": Despite America's trade deficit with the rest of the world of over 500 billion dollars, U.S.unemployment is at a record low of 3.5% and corporate profits plus stock market valuations are at record highs.
  4. Trump praises dictators while ignoring the victims in their countries. He treats his friends like enemies and enemies like friends. 
  5. Trump rules his own party through fear and intimidation. Contributing to the above is the influence of "Q", the creation of fanatical Trump supporters, the crusade to purge evil from the world. Criticism will not be tolerated. 
  6. Trump needs to be faq-checked all the time for his many lies. He rates only 25% on the truth-o-meter. Not good enough for a leader of a democratic country. 
  7. There are signs that Trump has a dictatorial/autocratic personality. Labelling the press as the number one enemy of the people demonstrates that personality. 
  8. Trump also has his lap dog press in Fox news that spreads his propaganda. 
  9. In the last election, Trump made a big deal of threatening to lock Hillary Clinton up over her e-mail releases. These e-mails supposedly related to Clinton's connection to pedophilia which was called "Pizzagate" and probably led to her defeat. Pedophilia is a serious crime, but nothing came of it in later investigations. It was all part a Russian and/or Republican smear campaign.  
  10. The last reason is the contradictory immigration policy that top Republicans like Laura Bush are criticizing. What would have happened if Native North Americans had a Customs and Immigration Department during the 15th and 16th century? There's also data that indicate that illegal immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than those born in America.   Big lies are signs of an authoritarian personality at work. We don't need that in a democracy. 

We all know that nobody's perfect, but the case against Trump far outweighs the case for him. 



China is ready for a fight with the U.S. 

Deal or No Deal? Where is the President at in this game? 




Posted by qualteam at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 27 June 2018 6:58 AM EDT
Sunday, 3 June 2018
Free Trade, Brian Mulroney, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump

Above are the two who helped create the first Canada/US free trade deal in 1988. They are Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney and President Ronald Reagan.  This deal was later expanded to include Mexico in the 1990s and was/is called NAFTA.

It is important to know what those initials (NAFTA) mean and what various trade deals are before you comment on them. Last year, there was this skeptical panel who questioned Donald Trump's knowledge of trade deals. The Washington Post even observed that Donald Trump was better at destroying deals than making them. 

Trump's view of making deals is by imposing tariffs on countries first. This tactic is questioned by "The Economist" a newpaper read and written by economists.   

The Canada/US trade deal was initiated by Ronald Reagan who saw free trade deals as a way to bring prosperity to all nations.   It was necessary to have a lot of good will to make these deals. 

Trump views trade deals as another kind of war. It isn't a win/win agreement. It's a "I win, you lose agreement". Obviously, that's going to bring out the fight in many countries including Canada

Ronald Reagan's views on Free Trade and those who would weaken economic ties was well articulated in this video portion of this Maclean's article.

Please help me send this article and video to all media and politicians in the U.S. via a tweet storm using this Tweet List or some other. 

P.S. Here's an update on the war between the Trump and Canada. It's a Youtube video from talk show host, Stephen Colbert. 

P.S. An hilarious look at the differences between Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump.  


Posted by qualteam at 2:06 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 17 June 2018 4:52 PM EDT
Monday, 12 February 2018
Free Spirits And Free Brotherhoods

I opened this topic up with blogs on "Ancient Brotherhoods" and "Visions of God's Kingdom".  "Home"is probably different from one person to another.

The starting point for insights into these fantastical worlds should come from the mind of a child. Jesus Christ had some interesting ideas about this

This led me into literature/movies which were oriented towards childlike visions. Disney movies were a good start.

With such great stories in existence like "The Wizard of Oz""Peter Pan""The Little Prince", etc., it was amazing that any of us left our childhood.  

As teenagers, we probably assumed there were gods of light and gods of darkness behind all the crazy stuff on Earth. "The Twilight Zone"taught us lessons about Heaven, Hell and other alternate realities. "Slaughter House Five" might suggest that the universe was accidentally destroyed by a super being from Tralfamadore, but this situation would be straightened out by Dr. Who and the"Time Lords".

There appeared to be lots of strange gods around, but what were they about? Some of us studied "Star Wars" for answers.

I found that in the original Star Trek there were lots of answers about these superbeings and the brotherhoods they belonged to. In "Errand of Mercy", the beings looked like they came from a medievel civilization, but were, in fact, so advanced they didn't need techology from the Klingons or the Federation. In "Who Mourns for Adonis", the Greek gods deserted Earth because no one believed in them anymore. In"Spectre of the Gun", the aliens used illusions of death threats to try to scare off the Enterprise. In"The Squire of Gothos", the alien used the Enterprise crew for his own amusement. In the end, his power was ended when "his mother and father" showed up and chastized him like a spoiled child. 

Supposedly many Star Trek stories came from Gene Roddenberry's connection with America's Secret Space Program.  The above episodes were a great introduction to advanced beings and civilizations.

Then there were far out stories about the Q Continuum in STNG and Star Trek Voyager. Suddenly, the unreal real estate of the gods took the shape of a clubhouse on the corner of "beyond" and "nowhere". 

I had a certain familiarity with this clubhouse. I could imagine it being a meeting place for a gang of intergalactic bikers.

There were some good stories about Q and his brotherhood. My favourite one was "Death Wish". Sometimes being a powerful and immortal being isn't all it's cracked up to be. 

Getting closer to the real world, we have "The Blue Avians" who met Corey Goode a few years ago. Their main business at this time seems to be transporting souls from one world to the next. They also have their own religious philosophy that they call "The Law of One".  It isn't the easiest book to understand. The Bible by comparism is a much easier read. 

Last, but not least was the Galaxy Federation's attempt to download vast amounts of information through L. Ron Hubbard. This probably happened when he went through a near death experience during WW2. This led to his quest to achieve "Operating Thetan" which some might call a free spirit or an ascended being




Posted by qualteam at 4:34 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 15 February 2018 10:55 AM EST

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