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Friday, 15 March 2019
Confronting And Handling Evil On Planet Earth

When I was six or seven years old, I discovered superheroes out of comic books who fought against evil on Earth. My favourite hero was "Captain Marvel" who is now called "Shazam" today.

I knew nothing about Buddism or enlightenment. I knew nothing about L.Ron Hubbard or his Dianetics research. I also knew little about Jesus Christ and his mission. 

The early expansion of my reality on life was created by cartoons and movies. This related directly to my blog "Ancient Spiritual Brotherhoods".

I could relate to certain fantasy and sci/fi stories because there was an emotional connection to them through past lives. Many children were tuned into alternate realities and "mental strings" which triggered past life memories.

As I grew older, my concept of evil went beyond cartoon and movie bad guys. Sigmund Freud personalized this as "The Subconscious Mind". The scary power of the subconscious mind was illustrated very well by the Id Monster in the movie Forbidden Planet

L.Ron Hubbard called the subconscious "The Reactive Mind" and started a religion to deal with it. 

In the Bible, this destructive mind was called "The Heart". This related directly to the destructive power of sin: ("The Wages of Sin Is Death".) 

Star Wars identified this destructive power as "The Dark Side of The Force".   This was an energy that powerful beings could use for their own personal benefit: Maximum Service To Self.  

Lucifer's attempt to take over Heaven reminded me of the rise of "The Star Wars Empire" and its takeover bid of the old Republic.

Similar to "The Lords of Sith", of The Empire, the planet, Marduk was the home of the rebellious angels in the Bible. It exploded about 500,000 years ago and became the Astroid Belt. This was verified by remote viewers as well as The Law of One. Billions of souls were fused together from this plasma explosion. It took quite awhile for the RA group to separate the souls from this fusion. 

The fireball-fused-beings could be considered as occupying some part of Hell. 

I first found out about this incident from David Wilcock on Gaia TV's "Wisdom Teachings".  This resonated with a past life memory. I was overcome by grief.

L.Ron Hubbard did research on the same or different fused beings as well.  

A good example of this phenomena from Star Trek was "The Hive Activity" of "The Borg".

One can't handle evil without confronting and handling it at its source. Those who use massive negative energy can bring a great deal of pain and suffering to others.

Into such a world, Jesus came with a master plan to save humanity from the oppression and evil of those who use the Dark Side of the Force.  

The Salvation Plan included disassembling "The Matrix of Lies" that keep many in darkness and delusions.

There will be Full Disclosure of what has been happening between ETs and Governments over the last seventy years. The truth of man's history with aliens will also be revealed.  




Posted by qualteam at 1:55 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 8 April 2019 10:27 AM EDT

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