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Saturday, 24 October 2015
Ancient Spiritual Brotherhoods

The universe may be billions of years old, but ancient brotherhoods were even older. Life started out as The Brotherhood of Nothing. There was no language to define anything not even "being". Being exists, but there's no difference between "being" and "not being" because nothing is defined. At some point, Life referred to itself as "I AM". There was no we, us, you. There was no individuality. At this time, we were probably looking at "The Law of One", "The RA Brotherhood". For some reason, the Big I AM created little I ams and individuality was born. We all had the ability to be each other or the big I AM.

Personally, I was connected to God and other beings through Jesus.  I discovered this later a lot later. This was the beginning of the "Brotherhood of Christ". Later on, music and higher frequencies helped cement this bond.

At some point, there was a decision to create the dimensions of space. When the second dimension was created, God became the first cartoonist. Traits of individuality accelerated at a quick rate and "The Brotherhood of Cartoonists" was launched.Something like "The Gospel according to Peanuts" could have been the result. 

More dimensions were added to the universe and it expanded incredibly. Before the universe was brought into existence, the plans were drafted and certain beings were chosen to implement these plans. These beings were called "Builders" and "The Builder Brotherhood" was born. They became Freemasons billions of years later.

These were happy times at the beginning of the universe. Life was simple.  You could be anything you wanted, yourself(I am), other beings(I ams), cartoonists, builders, the whole universe or absolutely nothing.

Then "The Game Masters" introduced games to the spirits and suddenly, we became game players against other game players. It was good to win and bad to lose. I believe evil appeared because some losers were "sore losers". Some of these losers became magicians so they could cheat and win at the games. They then banded together as a "Brotherhood of Black Magicians". 

Something like the Jedi Knights was put together to fight the magicians on a one to one basis, but these magicians always fought unfairly so they attacked as a gang with other magicians against one solitary superhero. For defense, the superheroes formed a Brotherhood like "The Avengers" and "The Justice League of America".

There have been many wars in the past to eradicate free spirits and free brotherhoods, but they failed.

Earth became a place for lost sheep, but some ETs found members of their brotherhoods here. 

Some space civilizations sought out their star seeds and wanderers.

It's hard to say, who people would call their cosmic family. Most humans identify the family unit in this life and/or the next as their eternal family. Hopefully, your journey will deliver you to a group of kindred spirits. 

"I Believe In Music. I Believe In Love". 




Posted by qualteam at 11:34 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 12 November 2016 4:23 PM EST

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