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The Castle On The Edge Of Nowhere
A vacation into the unknown.
Would you like a room with a view?


I love blowing on the Kazoo.

I'm a pipe man all the way.

Bagpipe Lessons Are Available


Ben Doone

I'm the senior registrar. Any queries concerning our courses should go through me. Both myself and Phil provide entertainment at the hotel. We hope you'll enjoy it.

And Philly McCrackin
I'm you tour guide and host. If you want service of any kind, I'm the laddie to see.



Hi, I'm Cactus Pete.
Want to try some of my cactus juice?
Meet ya inside the gates.

Come on in and stay awhile.

A Tour Of The Castle

Need directions? Have questions? Drop us a line.

We can get to know each other better.
We are waiting for you.

Take some lessons in mental martial arts.

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Hotel Apollo's Challenging Adventures

Links To Spiritual Journeys

You are free to explore within and without the hotel. The administrative staff however waives any responsibility for something weird happening to you in the sacred burial grounds and/or in Area 53.