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Lets play.

It's your move.

Life is a game. Play it. Life is challenge. Meet it. Life is an opportunity. Capture it.

It's only a paint ball gun.

Are you up to the challenge?

Like on the TV show, Survivor, there is only one winner in "The Hotel California Game".

Yes, we do have a golf course.

Area 53

A scenic tour of "Area 53" can be arranged but it is very dangerous.

We want to make contact with you.

Alien Encounters

Challenging Mysterious Adventures

Native-American Mysteries

For hundreds of years, Native-Americans traveled to graveyards close to the hotel. Will you find what they found?

This is great stuff.

Weird Zen Experiences

With the help of a Zen-Cod Master, we offer unusual experiences in earthly and unearthly places.

Wow! I've become a cartoon in Cartoon World.

You can discover "Cartoon World" in our mirror room.

Cartoon World

There is no end to the mysteries and challenges at Hotel Apollo. Some of them can be quite frightening.


Every night can be Halloween night.

Lets share our visions of eternity together.

A Vision Of The Promised Land

It is rumored that angels visit our guests on or near the hotel's property. Find out for yourself if this is true.

Come see me some time.

Encounters With Angels

Only great movies are shown in our theatre.

One of my movies is on this list.

Movie Seminars

On our golf course, you can play against all kinds of bogeymen.

Hotel Apollo Links

You might get a chance to slay a dragon or two.

The Gehenna Funhouse

A Tour Of The Castle

Your e-mail is warmly received.

You are free to explore within and without the hotel. The administrative staff however waives any responsibility for something weird happening to you in the sacred burial grounds and/or in Area 53.