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It's nice to meet you.
I'm Rebecca

Please let one of our staff show you around.

Secluded paths are excellent for meditation.
The Zen Path

Enjoy a quiet stroll through lush greenery.
Meditation Gardens

All garden paths lead to the castle.
Hopi Point

Feel free to roam around
Castle Apollo

Yes, this fountain does have healing properties.
Katimavik Fountain

You can read in our library.
The Orsen Dean Library

Or discover the underground passageways.
The Mormoni Catacombs

Spirits guard the exits to the outside.
A Phantasm

Powerful energy comes through at various points.
Resurrection point

They'll let you through to the desert above.
Cactus Gardens

Electrical storms are common in this area.
A Major Power Storm Location

The Afterlife Test

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You are free to explore within and without the hotel. The administrative staff however waives any responsibility for something weird happening to you in the sacred burial grounds and/or in Area 53.