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Friday, 3 August 2018
Qanon: The Mystery Man Behind The Donald Trump Mythology

Without a doubt "Qanon" has hyjacked parts of the truther/disclosure movement.

It appears that he got “the mass arrests of the cabal” from Corey Goode’s Secret Space Program. Other ideas about the cabal and its fixation on pedophilia seem to come from David Wilcock.

I followed Q for some time last year and early this year. He was predicting mass arrests back in Nov/17 and in Mar/18 than July/18. Hillary and Podestra are suppose to be under arrest, but they’re not. The whole Mueller Investigation was suppose to produce tens of thousands of arrests, but that hasn't happen. Mueller is investigating Russian meddling and collusion in the 2016 election

According to Q, Mueller is actually investigating and indicting deep state criminals rather than Russian operatives. I find that hard to believe. 

Supposedly, Trump has busted thousands of pedophile rings but that isn’t true either. Check out this article that featured Roseann Barr

People arrested are supposedly sent to Guantanamo Bay for secret military trials which is a clear violation of “due process of law” and smacks of Fascism. I’m aware of mythology building, storytelling and how critics are dealt with in some organizations. I was in Scientology for 25 years.

It also appears that Putin and Trump are working together “to purify the West and Europe from pedophiles and satanists.” 

I think Q was active in the Pizzagate smear campaign against Hillary Clinton in 2016. This campaign identified Hillary as a leader of a big pedophilia ring. It probably cost her the election.  

Q followers are desperate to implicate Democrats in pedophilia so they reached as far back as Watergate which they called "Pedogate."

The Q phenomena comes across as a malicious propaganda campaign to help Republicans and Trump get reelected. Q smears Trump’s enemies and exalts him as the savior of America and the World.

If Trump and Q were part of the Earth Alliance,  it appears that it was subverted by authoritarians who just want to take over and rule the world their way. If that was the case, Fox News would become the only authorized media outlet and dissenters would secretly disappear. 

It is highly likely that Russia hackers and financiers are behind both Qanon and Trump. Check out the evidence for yourself



Posted by qualteam at 8:25 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 5 August 2018 1:06 PM EDT
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