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Monday, 28 February 2011
Sprititual Forces Beyond This Planet

Anyone who read many of my blog entries, should know that I believe in an extraterrestial organization callled "The Brotherhood Of Christ". It is similiar in someways to traditional Christianity and quite different in others. Many of my views on this organization are found on the right side under "Cosmic Views Of The Universe".

It might sound like "Science Fiction" to you, but I didn't want to be straitjacketed by the dogmas of 1st century or medievel Christianity.

There has been much evil on this planet perpetrated by extreme religious views or personal views.

I've been dismayed by the unrestrained destructive power of dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc.

I wondered about the protective powers of "guardian angels" and "God's Army". 

Many fundamentalist Christians are sitting around waiting for God to rapture them. This is hardly a Christian activist way of dealing with global evils like nuclear weapons or dictators who would use WMDs or anything else to stay in power or fulfil their deranged religious prophecies.

I believe in responsible Christianity, not "Escape to Heaven And Let God Handle Everything Christianity".

I believe in spiritual stewardship over the Earth, not only in this life but in the next life as well. We can't escape our duties and responsibilities.

Spirits have to become empowered and work as a team in overcoming the major evils in this world. This doesn't happen over night. Training in this life and the next will help a believer become a powerful/knowing being who can make a difference. 

Directed prayer is an entry level towards those ends.

Personally, I'd like to rid this planet of poverty, cancer, dictators and pollution. These are big problems. Lets roll up our sleeves and start putting a better world in place.

Posted by qualteam at 2:18 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 28 February 2011 3:02 PM EST

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