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Tuesday, 12 November 2019
The Good Place: Alien Afterlife Experiments

Most humans probably conceive of an afterlife where they can go on endless vacations and get anything they want with a powerful Genie.The genie in the Good Place is an AI called Janet.

The good place residents can also forget unpleasant earthly memories.
There's no cosmic secret in "The Cosmic Secret", but the Good Place does harbour secrets. Remember this is a TV series and there are spoilers (i.e. secrets)
In the old days, extraterrestrials, probably instructed humans about the afterlife in twilight zone holodeck stories like "Death Ship""Nice Place to Visit" and "Game of Pool". Perhaps, stories like those were over the head of most humans. They wanted something simple that met their desires like the Good Place
The Ascended Masters and other ETs, probably created "an ascended place of eternal multidimensional bliss". All you needed was 51% good deeds over 49% bad deeds. Similar alogrithms are used in The Good Place. 
Both David Wilcock and Corey Goode are proponents of this kind of graduation and ascension from Earth. 

Corey Goode stated there were 22 extraterrestrial groups tampering with the DNA and the minds of human beings over considerable time. To me, this adds up to 22 good places or 22 not so good places.

It looks like there was heavy deception at work.  
From another point of view,  the lost souls could have wound up in an implant station where mind control is practiced on just about everyone. The only road out is discovering the full truth of this trap and those who run it

Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da by the Beatles

The TV series seems to find the humor in Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and the extraterrestrial abductions of souls.


Posted by qualteam at 5:02 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 10 February 2020 2:58 PM EST
Monday, 28 October 2019
What Can We Do To Stop Global Warming?

In the blog below this one, I made some suggestions as to how governments and individuals can tackle this subject. 

On a personal level, you can become a dedicated climate change advocate by following David Suzuki's tough top ten list. If that's too hard for you, follow this easier top ten list. Basically, recognize the problem and do something about it.

Recognizing the problem involves accessing important research into climate change. "The National Geography Environment Study" is a good place to start. You can go deep into this subject. There exists 7000 studies on global warming over the last 30 years. There's lots of facts and statistics available. 

Governments can encourage the use of alternate fuels in transportation like the hydrogen trains in Germany. They can support massive tree planting like those in Pakistan. There's all kinds of green projects that they and others can do. 

Is there a quick way of dropping the temperature on our planet?  Apparently, scientists can lower the Earth's temperate rapidly by shooting calcium carbonate into the air. 

Please note, there is some evidence that cosmic rays cause the Earth to heat up but scientists disagee on how much. Michael Salla, ufologist says climate change is 80% cosmic rays and 20% man made. I believe it's probably the other way around 80%, man made and 20% cosmic rays. 

I must stress, however, that governments and fossil fuel companies have shown a reluctance to funnel more resources towards an environmental cleanup.  If this reluctance continues, more and more of the Earth could become uninhabitable and catastrophes could occur killing hundreds of millions of people. Remember the movie 2012.

I believe that positive exterrestrials will probably have to bail us out from the adverse effects of climate change and political idiocy similar to how they prevented nuclear warfare between the U.S. and Russia.  

Put a Little Love in your Heart 



Posted by qualteam at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 28 October 2019 11:31 PM EDT
Saturday, 28 September 2019
We Should All Be Good Stewards of the Earth(Change The World)

I'd like to thank the millions of young people and Greta Thumberg in making the enviromental protest around the world such a success.

Greta Thumberg is like a 21st century "Popeye" who tells her adversaries "That's all I can stands, I can't stand no more"

A few years ago, I realized the value of Stewardship Over The Earth. I wrote a few blogs on that subject. I even wrote a blog about continuing this stewardship after death. Christians have eternal life and they don't go on permanent vacations in the next life. "To whom much is given, much will much be expected". 

Also, I wrote about getting rid of coal plants and gas-powered cars.

I wrote a blog on investing in green companies.

Unfortunately, a few years later I became passionate about full disclosure of extraterrestrialssecret space programs and suppressed technology that would benefit mankind.  

I did many meditations  on full disclosure and healing, but I neglected climate change and activism in my prayers. I asked God for forgiveness for this failure and he forgave me.

I also asked God to forgive the baby boomers for their neglect of enviromental issues.  For those who read this blog, I ask for your forgiveness as well. I am a baby boomer. 

I have started to crusade on this issue through Twitter and Facebook. Try to make this part of your activism as well as meditations for help from angelspositive ETs and God.

Good luck and may God bless you and the Climate Change Crusade.   

"Try to change the World" by Johnny Reid 


Posted by qualteam at 4:03 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 30 September 2019 1:25 AM EDT
Sunday, 15 September 2019
Alien Mind Control And L. Ron Hubbard

When President Obama announced that "aliens had strict control over us" to Jimmy Kimmel, it appeared that he had opened the door to "alien mind control". He made like it was a joke, but it's no joke at all. 

Ever since, the Annunaki created their own version of man to mine gold for them, alien interference into the affairs of man have continued. Check out the influence of the Archons over the governments and religions of the Earth in the 1st century.

Moving forward into the early 20th century, we see the evil influence of the Reptilians on the Third Reich.  

While the allies won the WW2, The Nazis managed to infiltrate the US in "Operation Paperclip".

It was no coincidence, that Allan Dulles set up MKULTRA in the CIA right after the war. Why would a democracy that believes in free thinking and human rights set up a "mind control operation"?

The whole study of UFOs and extraterrestrials was manipulated by a secret group called MJ12 that held up these subjects to ridicule. 

Various ufologists and researchers looked at these covert alien influences through interviews with abductees. Check out these videos with David JacobsKarla Turner and David Icke. What they exposed isn't pretty. It's a threat to all humanity.

At about the same time that the CIA and Mkultra were created, L. Ron Hubbard was going through people's minds with Dianetics. He noticed that "pain/drug/hypnosis" incidents were coming up in some patients. He concluded, this was a CIA/Psychiatric Mind Control Operation at work. 

For the next 40 years Hubbard continued his research into mind control within the subconscous of his test subjects. He was opening up Pandora's Box like the big scene from the movie "They Live"

With continued regression into past lives, Hubbard found out that negative aliens were exercising sublimal control of humans by the use of IMPLANTS: "A painful and forceful means of overwhelming a being with artificial purposes or false concepts in a malicious attempt to control and suppress him"(Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary).

Alien mind control at work in the TV series: "The Good Place".

Most researchers have hit brick walls with regards to alien/human activities on Earth. Hubbard, however, has made some holes in a few of these unacknowledged black programs. 

Andrea Bocelli The Lord's Prayer


Posted by qualteam at 12:19 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 2 November 2019 7:29 AM EDT
Sunday, 1 September 2019
Sharing A Collective Consciousness And A Common Purpose

Many in the UFO community have different approaches and views on UFOs, extraterrestrials and Secret Space Programs. However, most want truthful disclosures on these subjects. Check out the recent videos of Stephen GreerRichard Dolan and David Wilcock. They are all working for the same goal but on different fronts.

We have a collective consciousness that has developed through our personal search for truth on the internet and in the books/videos of UFO researchers and wise men. The human mind may start on an individual level, but we're capable reaching other minds over the universe including God. You might call this a spiritual mind meld of almost infinite possibilities. Check out The Law of One.

Many of my insights in the Barron Blog have come from diverse sources like Star Trek's Gene RoddenberryStar War's George LucasScientology's L.Ron Hubbard, and The Mind of Christ.

Most of us want a better world and many of us believe that there are powers out there that can assist in creating a better world. You could call these powers, the Earth AllianceThe Angels of GodThe Pleiadans or some other positive ET group.

Whatever the group that you're connected to, there is a meditation that can help everyone bring full disclosure, justice and prosperity to Earth. Make it your own.  

 Hank Williams: I Saw the Light.

Posted by qualteam at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 3 September 2019 7:05 AM EDT
Thursday, 1 August 2019
Mind Control, Secret Space Programs and Corey Goode

Ambitious humans and extraterrestrials seeking power over others would be heavily attracted by Earth's secret space programs.

At this time, in the solar system, there are at least 10 secret space programs.  Corey Goode and William Tompkins were two prime witnesses of these programs. William Cooper in the 1980s was probably the first whistleblower who blew the whistle on America's early involvement with aliens. 

The development of MKultra by CIA chief Alan Dulles laid the foundation of mind control in The Secret Space Program that Corey Goode was victimized by. The whole 20 years and back could be explained by the use of clones similar in the movie "US". Corey was a MILAB person (a military abduction child). He believed and still believes that he has "a higher and lower self". His higher self was transferred into a cloned body where he worked in the secret space program for supposedly 20 years. After unproven units of time, His higher self was sent back to his body in his bed where his lower self never moved. The integration between the higher self and the lower self, probably didn't succeed, but Corey woke up thinking that he'd learned many secrets of the universe.

Corey's stories also have elements of the movies "Total Recall " and "John Carter on Mars". Check them out. These are the best explanations, I can come up with on this extraterrestrial technology of 20 and back. 

Karla Turner received witness testimony from abductees about similar phenomena and the use of illusions and lies to confuse and control victims.

Check this out. The greatest alien mind control movie of all time is"They Live". This is a modern version about the implants that "The Annunaki" used to make mankind into docile slaves.   

Another researcher looked at alien abduction of the human soul as a desire for some different kind of "battery".

From my own past life memories and research, I concluded that human DNA and memories were valuable commodities for energy and entertainment purposes of degraded extraterrestrials. 

One could look at the secret space programs as a way that Lucifer shares his power with unsuspecting humans and ETs.  

Satan tempted Christ with power over others on Earth. Jesus answered back "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?" 

Enjoying singing along with this hymn: "I shall not be moved".  



Posted by qualteam at 10:10 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 16 August 2019 12:43 PM EDT
Wednesday, 17 July 2019
Christian Search and Rescue For Lost Souls

Most of us are aware of the mission of The Salvation Army to save lost souls in physical bodies.

Recently, I became aware of "Christ's Extraterrestrial Salvation Army" who rescue lost souls who haven't been picked up by the Light. They may be around graveyards, abandoned houses, hospitals, deserted roads, etc. Such places can become active with paranormal activity which are seen on TV shows like "Paranormal Survivor" and "Dead Files".

Beings who died under tragic circumstances like murder, sickness and insanity can exhibit PTSD symptons well after death. They may not know who or what they are. They feel unloved, ugly, and rejected. 

The Roman Catholic Church calls this state Purgatory. 

The missionaires in the "Search and Rescue Shuttle" are trained to show love and empathy towards these damaged souls. Religious hymns like "I'll Fly Away" are used to attract them. They don't preach at these souls. They just tell them that "Jesus Loves Them" and they'll go to a place where they are loved.

The souls are taken to a debriefing centre somewhere in the galaxy where they are given a life review. What happens after that is in the hands of Jesus and the apostles of the church. 

From what I know of other exterrestrials, they won't touch lost or damaged souls with a ten foot pole. They want overachievers not high maintenance beings. 

Here is a test to see if you're lost soul. Check it out.  

P.S. The missionaires looked like characters from the Toy Story movies. "You've got a friend in me." 



Posted by qualteam at 10:35 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 18 July 2019 4:17 PM EDT
Friday, 21 June 2019
Extraterrestrial Agendas

As I stated in other blogs, both the good guys and the bad guys have defined agendas for the human population of Earth. 

The activities of both good and evil beings over hundreds of thousands of years in Earth's history can be discovered and disclosed. 

The TV series "Ancient Aliens" has done a fine job in uncovering the footprints and artifacts of the caretaker extraterrestials on this planet.

Because there were multiple extraterrestial groups in our solar system, there were/are different agendas.

Some initatives under the leadership of Valiant Thor led to the formation of a volunteer goup called  "The Space Brothers" . They assisted positive individuals in different countries during the 1950s. Many of these contacts occurred in places like ItalyFrance and South America"Giant Rock" was a hot spot for extraterrestrial volunteers in the US.

The Space Brothers contacts tappered off in the 1960s. This was replaced by "extraterrestial prophets" and abductees who spread the message about life out there both good and bad.

In the last few years, Cory Goode, David Wilcock and Cobra dominated the UFO movement with extraterrestrial religious teachings. 

There was a dark side to many alien visitors. These extraterrestrials abducted humans for DNA harvesting(e.g. Movie US). 

According to my sources, including Emery Smith , clone and hybrid bodies were/are common with ETs. 

Human DNA can be spliced with all kinds of alien DNA. 

Why would any alien want human DNA? Humans don't live a long time. DNA has many genetic flaws in it that make humans susceptible to all kinds of diseases like cancer, etc. 

The wild card factor here is that human DNA contain strong emotions and imprinted memories of a human life. These human emotions are like drugs to ET races who have become so analytical they don't know what passionate feelings are. 

The Solar System has become a huge Galactic Disneyland where ETs can discover human fun, human emotions and human experiences without becoming human.

"Holiday Road" from the AMC TV series Preacher.  

Just imagine, the entertaining pleasures that Lucifer/Palpatine could sell unsuspecting aliens: For a price of course. 

Life is a Carnival(The Band)



Posted by qualteam at 2:24 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 17 September 2019 3:02 PM EDT
Saturday, 15 June 2019
The Canadian Collective Consciousness

As you probably know by now, Toronto Canada is the first city to win an NBA championship outside the USA.

The "We The North" campaign first started in 2014. While this was a distinctly Raptor's Basketball Logo, it could be applied to other Team Canada activities that went before. 

  1. Hockey: In 1972, Canada rallied to defeat the USSR in the first "Hockey Summit Series".
  2. Hockey2: Sydney Crosby scored the winning goal in overtime to defeat the US in the 2010 Olympics for the gold medal.
  3. Baseball: The Blue Jays won the first international World Series for Toronto and Canada. 
  4. The Liberation of the Netherlands In WW2: Every year after, Holland sent thousands of tulip bulbs to Ottawa as a thank you for our war effort. 
  5. Vimy Ridge WW1: The defeat of the Germans at Vimy Ridge was a major milestone in the liberation of France in World War One. 
  6. The Underground Railroad: Canada accepted fleeing slaves during the American Civil War. Harriet Tudman was the major organizer of the railroad. 
  7. Slavery Banned In Upper CanadaJohn Graves Simcoe was the first Lieutenant Governor of Canada(called Upper Canada in the 1790s). He was an English abolitionist and enacted a bill which forbade slavery in Canada. England took actions to free the slaves in its Empire long before the US did. 
Canadians in sports and life have achieved many successes that we can all be proud of. We are all "Team Canada" and #TheGreatWhiteNorth.
P.S. On Sat/07/19, Bianca Andreesu became the first Canadian tennis player to win a major event (i.e. The US Open). Last year, she didn't even qualify to get into the tournament. Now, she has her own power hashtag: "SheTheNorth".  


Posted by qualteam at 1:00 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 9 September 2019 7:51 AM EDT
Monday, 3 June 2019
Christianity/Scientology/ET Civilizations: Handling Traumatic Experiences

With all the wars, losses, accidents and diseases that afflicted those on Earth, it is easy to see that many of us have suffered from traumatic and PTSD experiences both in this life and other lives.

I stated in this blog that "The Galaxy Federation" had introduced holodeck rehabilitation programs to deal with these conditions and others which made humans feel sad and lonely. Sentient holograms (angels) like Deep Space Nine's Vic Fontaine and Voyager's Doctor were created to help people having a rough time. 

There were other techniques similar to what L. Ron Hubbard developed that relieved engrams (traumatic experiences) through auditing. However, the holodeck rehabilitation centres were more popular because Hubbard insisted on binding his practioners with a billion year contract

This was workable to a certain extent until an extinction event happened to the planet Maldek/Tiamat in our solar system about 500,000 years ago. The planet was blown up in a space war creating the astroid belt. The inhabitants of Maldek were lead by a being called Lucifer. This was described in "The Book of Enock" and "The Bible". 

Billions of souls were fused together into a fiery ball after the blast.  This was revealed by the RA beings in "The Law of One".  It took over 150,000 years to separate these souls. 

This cesspool of negative energy ended up being called SIN. "The wages of sin is death".  

There is the collective consciousness and subconsciousness and there's the individual consciousness that Hubbard wrote about. 

Both Hubbard and Jesus tried to deal this accumulated evil energy in different ways, Jesus by means of the Cross (The collective mind) and Hubbard through OT3 and beyond.(The individual mind)  

Jesus was a muti-dimensional superbeing from the Christ Continuum (similar to the Q Continuum). He had super empathy and the power to put himself into every human being from the beginning of time to the end of it. 

Ron was an overwhelmed human who bit off more than he could chew.

Today, there is an over reliance on drugs to treat mental conditions like depression and mental disorders

We all have crosses to bear in our own life. Christians are encouraged to cast their cares upon Christ for he cares for you. 

We should all meditate and pray that the suffering of others get relief as soon as possible.

Read books and see movies that bring a mental chathrsis to you in tears and/or laugher. 

Take each day one day at a time. May God bless you. Find someone to love. Find someone who loves you. 


Posted by qualteam at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 3 June 2019 4:21 PM EDT

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