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Saturday, 14 March 2015
It's Easy To Become Well Informed On UFOs And ETs

All you need is an internet connection and a strong desire to know what has been going for the last 100 years or so. If you want learn about ETs who were here thousands of years ago, check out Ancient Aliens.

The modern age for UFOs began at the end of the 19th century with a crash in Aurora Texas. This was well documented because there weren't any government agents around to create disinformation.

The main information about flying saucers and aliens come from whistleblowers and witnesses of crashed UFOs. There is a video on top ten whistleblowers and another on top ten UFO crashes.

Another way of contacting ETs is through channeling which leads to contacting aliens directly or gaining secret information on alien cultures. George Van Tassel in the 1950s was a prime example of an ET psychic. Some might consider him six parts science fiction and six parts new age religion.

Two of the men, I admire the most in ufology are Stanton Friedman and Richard Dolan. They both bring a great deal of common sense and practical experience to this subject.

There are also many fine documentaries on UFOs. Two of the best are "I Know What I Saw" and "Fastwalkers".

This phenomena isn't limited to the U.S. Russia has some good documentaries of their own. Russian researchers also wrote a book on the different kinds of alien races that have visited Earth. 

There's even a documentary on the airforce base (Wright/Patterson) where crashed UFOs and alien bodies were sent in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. 

If you'd like an overview of the UFO coverup over the last 70 years, check out "The Washington Disclosure Hearings In 2013"

Last but not least are fascinating human abduction experiences. My personal favorites are Karla Turner's videos on horrifying abductions. They are not for the faint of heart. 

There is more material on UFOs than this, but I've tried to select information that would be the most real to the average person on the street. 



Posted by qualteam at 10:50 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 20 March 2015 12:16 AM EDT
Tuesday, 3 March 2015
Star Trek Has Opened Doors To The Universe

In 1938, great fear of extraterrestrial life first appeared during a radio broadcast of H.G. Well's "War of the Worlds". Something went off in the subconscious minds of thousands of people and they fled looking for a place to hide from malevolent aliens. 

Later on in 1942,  a mysterious object  suddenly appeared near Los Angeles and the military went crazy trying to shoot it down. This was followed by "The Foo Fighters"  who monitored both the allies and "The Axis Powers" aircraft.

Even before the crash at Roswell in 1947, the U.S. military was on guard concerning extraterrestrial activities. They made a point of recruiting many Nazi scientists after WW2 to find out what they knew.

Both the military and the general population were very afraid of anyone or anything from outer space. During the 1950s, "The Day The Earth Stood Still""Forbidden Planet" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" were the best of that sci/fi genre. 

Into this atmosphere of dread and confusion, the U.S. Government and military decided to put a lid on UFO information. This story is well told in a documentary entitled "The Secret". 

In the earlier 1960s, the UFO situation got worse and so did the coverups. There was the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill, JFK's suspicious death and "Dark Skies" . 

However, the later 1960s gave way to the counter-culture of the hippie movement and suddenly conformity and authoritative institutions were "uncool"

Ahead of its time even for the hippies and the general population, Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek was viewed by sci/fi fanatics only. Yet, it laid the basis of how many of us view the universe today.

The series seemed to be a combination of remote viewingpast lives and imagination.

Mr. Spock was truly the first alien that most of us could relate to. Vulcan was an alien planet, but we could understand and appreciate its culture.

Star Trek in its many incarnations, certainly prepared us for unpleasant aliens who could do us harm. "The Borg" reminded me of the "Grays": Their lack of individualism, the need to incorporate another race's DNA into their own, and the hive mentality.

"The Hirogens" reminded me of the Reptilians and their to desire to conquer people who they considered game. In the Killing Game, the race is both associated with the Nazis and the holodeck which fits this species perfectly. 

On several occasions, Star Trek crews dealt with Olympian gods like "Apollo", superbeings like "Q" and master illusionists like "The Talosians".

When new powerful extraterrestrials were discovered, the Star Trek crews didn't quake with fear and classify everything top secret. They met the challenge and survived.

Below is a "declassified photo" of an Hirogen:





Posted by qualteam at 5:01 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 4 March 2015 10:37 PM EST
Sunday, 22 February 2015
First Contact Protocols

When Klaatu, the ET in the movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still", visited Earth he made three major mistakes with proper protocols.


  1. He didn't prepare his audience for the meeting with friendly human-oriented communications like in my blog "First Contact Day In The Near Future". The saucer touched down in Washington and who was waiting for him: The military. 
  2. Klaatu brought a weapon of mass destruction with him (A super robot called "Gort".) This machine created a great deal of fear amongst the military and the general public. This is not the type of atmosphere you want to create with a friendly visit.
  3. At the end of the movie, Klaatu preaches about how destructive nuclear weapons are. Really??? After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we knew how destructive nuclear weapons are. Treating political leaders and the military like children is not going to impress anyone. 
Despite these issues, The Day The Earth Stood Still is still one of the best science fiction films of all time.
Since Roswell, there has been a strong desire for many of us to meet with extraterrestrials. Psychics began channelling ETs from all over the world. One of the most famous was George Van Tassel of Giant Rock. He channeled "The Ashtar Command", an Earth defense force in outer space.
Apparently, there was contact between members of the above group and President Eisenhower during the 1950s, but no agreement was made because he signed an earlier agreement with the Grays or Annunakis.
These meetings were not "first contacts", but self-serving exopolitical deals seeking advantages over enemies.
There must be proper protocols for First Contact to be successful. Just dropping a spaceship down somewhere and improvising isn't the answer. This is how Tom T. Moore and many others view First Contact. It just happens.
There has to be a plan that minimizes prejudicial antagonism and opens the door to "The Reality of Extraterrestrials on Earth" which is another name for "Disclosure".  

 It is my suggestion that First Contact follow the following steps.


  1. Friendly communications are sent as outlined in my blog. These messages could be sent by radio, TV, and the internet in an attempt to reach ever person on the Earth. There should also be a proclamation that no weapons are on board.
  2. A universal flag of peace should be flown from the spaceship.
  3. Instructions are sent for the first invitees. They would be part of the UFO community that has been earnestly trying to establish the truth of UFO contacts over the last 70 years.
  4. Religious leaders and extraterrestrial channelers would be next. If they had any questions to ask the ETs, it would be at this time.
  5. An open forum would be held for the media and political leaders. Again, all questions would be answered as much as possible.
The main purpose of the visit would be to be to set the record straight on extraterrestrial activity that have worried and frightened many around the world. I listed this agenda in my last blog on this page.

Posted by qualteam at 12:03 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 23 February 2015 9:11 PM EST
Sunday, 15 February 2015
Extraterrestrials Should Participate in Disclosure Hearings

I sent this email to a Ufologist who channels good ETs:

"I’ve listened to some of your lectures. I appreciate the fact that you channel positive beings in this universe.

As you know, there are formidable barriers to getting the truth out of governments (especially the U.S.) with regards to UFO contact.

It's obvious that extraterrestrials have to give evidence at Disclosure hearings in order establish the truth about "reverse engineering", "UFO crashes", "sightings", "abductions", etc. What did the aliens do and what did the humans do? We want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We want witnesses that are reliable.

U.S. citizens and mankind deserve to know the truth about what has been going on for the last 70 years.

There's, at least, 57 alien groups that have been in conduct with Earth in recent years. Some of this contact has been very unpleasant like alien abductions.

I’m not asking aliens to create a utopian society on Earth or handle our environmental or international problems like war, disease, famine, etc. I just want them to be a part of an ongoing investigation that some of their members or non-members were involved in.

They can give their evidence and then leave.

I would appreciated it if you could contact your sources to facilitate this noble worthwhile endeavor.

So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. The New Testament".

In any serious investigation like this all interested parties have to be present. 

P.S. First contact scenarios are on the horizon. 


Posted by qualteam at 5:33 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 21 February 2015 9:57 AM EST
Monday, 2 February 2015
Barriers To Disclosure

 "So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known". Matthew 10:26.

As far as I can see black budget projects started during the Second World War with research into the atomic bomb and anti-gravity flying machines. You may not know this but when Nicola Tesla died in 1943 all of his papers were confiscated by the U.S. Government. Apparently, he was doing research into advanced propulsion systems. Much of this material is still in Government hands and highly classified.

Added to the above were Nazi secrets with regards to their anti-gravity machines, time travel devices and cloning technology. This was scary stuff especially if you were afraid that Russian spies would get hold of the technology. The UFO crash at Roswell  cemented the fact that a secret governing body (MJ12) was necessary to mislead individuals or spies about these secret black projects.

The major formidable barriers to "Disclosure" are listed below: 

  1.  The Black Budget Projects: Let's admit it, Black Budget projects are like a gravy train for companies, secret government agencies (e.g. the CIA) and even aliens. Who would want these massive revenues cutback? There's no accountability for them to the President, Congress or the American people. There could be big parties on Mars for selected insiders and who would know anything? Unless these BBPs become a political issue like the Ontario gas plant scandal, there's not going to be much information on where's the money is going and how big of a bang are the American people getting for their bucks.
  2. Disinformation Campaigns: Probably, the most famous disinformation campaign was 1988 TV show that featured "Falcon and Condor" talking about how a gray alien liked ice cream and Tibetian music. These campaigns make it hard for the average person to separate the truth from the lies.
  3. Dark Secrets of ETs: It's often hard to face evil especially if it's in your own backyard and the government is powerless to stop abductions. It's always good to have allies in high places.
  4. Legal Risks of Insiders: Obviously, to get disclosure there has to be a general amnesty for those involved in the coverup. Mass murder can never be condoned and it would be helpful if the aliens involved in the kidnappings, assaults, mind control, and murders were brought to justice by an intergalactic court.
  5. Prejudice Against Someone Who Doesn't Look Like Us: From what I read on aliens from a Christian fundamentalist perspective, they think all aliens are evil (i.e. demons) including the human looking ones.
  6. Reality Overwhelm: The post-disclosure world will be a shock to some people, even though, there will be many new and exciting possibilities. People have to get used to the idea that there's more to life than what's on this dirtball.
Welcome to the era of "TR3-Bs" and "The Belgium Wave".



Posted by qualteam at 4:02 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 9 February 2015 3:39 PM EST
Wednesday, 21 January 2015
First Contact Day In The Near Future

Here's a top ten list of those events that I think will happen when we make actual contact with those alien races that have been monitoring our planet.

A large TV scene in front of the spacecraft shows a video of K.D. Lang singing Hallelujah. I always start to cry when I hear this version of Leonard Cohen's song.

  1. On the large TV comes the words, "We love your music and art". This is followed by paintings from the masters and great music from Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, etc. The last presentation is a video of teenagers dancing to "The Fly" by Chubby Checker. "This music makes us feel young again."
  2. Words appear on the TV screen again, "We like your science fiction, especially Star Trek and Star Wars. Our favourite characters are "Spock" and "Data". We don't like "Q". We like "Alex Guinness" who played "Obi-Wan-Kenobi" in the first Star Wars. He was a great actor.
  3. On the TV screen, the pictures of Rod SerlingGene RoddenberryGeorge LucasRichard Matheson appear followed by these words, "Earth's great prophets of the last century were mainly science fiction writers". We particularly like Mr. Serling's unique view of the afterlife in Twilight Zone episodes like "A Game of Pool" and "Nice Place To Visit".
  4. On the screen: "Our manual on "How To Serve Man" isn't a cookbook". The TV screen continues with images relating to words below.
  5. "All religious texts on Earth have much truth and wisdom in them. This includes Sumerian writings and India's Vedas".
  6. "Comedy on Earth is very original and creative. The majority of us like Jackie GleasonMel BrooksCarol Burnett and George Burns. We particularly liked George Burns playing God in "Oh God"."
  7. "Earth is one of the most beautiful planets in the Galaxy. We love your magnificent mountains, your placid lakes, your lush forests teeming with varied life forms. We love to meditate beside still waters and exquisite scenery."
  8. There is a pause for one minute and a video with regards to"Disclosure" is shown. "We have come to tell you what we know about contact between our members, individuals, and governments.
  9. The door of the spaceship opens and aliens of every kind and description come forward. They move to both sides of the ship to make way for their leader, a tall blond man, who looks like John Kennedy. He speaks passionately, "A great civilization is not one that has great weapons, fast spaceships or high technology. It is one that cares for every one of its citizens. It is one that believes in "Rule of Law" for everyone and equality of sentient beings". 
  10. "For criminal acts against humanity and violations of Galactic law, various GraysReptilians,Pleiadians,ProcyonsMantoids are being held in detention pending trial on your planet. Please bring the prisoners forward." They are lead away in electronic handcuffs and ankle cuffs. "We of the Galaxy Federation welcome Earth to our organization. Live, long and prosper."





Posted by qualteam at 1:03 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 2 February 2015 3:58 PM EST
Sunday, 18 January 2015
First Contact And Disclosure

In Star Trek mythology, "First Contact" should happen after a civilization "reaches faster than light speed.". The photo above is from the movie "First Contact". If you remember in the movie, "The Borg". attempted to stop first contact between Earth scientist, "Zefram Cochrane" and "The Vulcans". In a similar way, "The Greys" are trying to prevent disclosure of their activity on Earth.

I've found there are many similarities between The Borg and The Greys. Both work out of hives and lack individuality. Both attempt to assimilate civilisations that they target. Both are part human and part bionic.

There are many in the UFO community who worry about control of the Black Budget and secret scientific breakthroughs from black ops projects

Individuals like Richard Dolan and Steven Greer have voiced their serious concerns to the U.S Government. They have not been listened to.

I looked on the internet to see if any other race in the universe had trouble with "The Grays" and surprisingly I found a website. Check it out. I sent a link to this website to Mr. Dolan and other researchers.

While I support "The Disclosure Project" and I've signed the petition. I'd really like First Contact with a Galaxy Federation representation who tells us "Welcome to The Galaxy Federation", we're going to move our base from Andromeda to San Francisco.

"Live long and prosper, sir", we're glad you're here. 



Posted by qualteam at 4:44 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 19 January 2015 11:14 AM EST
Thursday, 25 December 2014
Christmas World

There's nothing about Christmas that changes much. The Christmas songs are almost the same, year in, year out. Santa still delivers toys with his low-tech sleigh and reindeer. Christmas decorations and lights still adorn Christmas trees and houses.

Nativity scenes are found in homes or churches.

All of this points to an eternal "Christmas World" where all that is good about this life and the next is preserved. 

This world is protected from evil, decay and exploitation. It is a world where peace, love, forgiveness and giving are found in abundance.

It is my hope that you and your family will find that eternal Christmas World and all the joy and love that goes with it.

Merry Christmas from the author of this blog (Dave) and my wife (Irene). 



Posted by qualteam at 9:49 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 25 December 2014 10:19 AM EST
Thursday, 18 December 2014
Alien Abductions And Extraterrestrial Law Enforcement

To come up to speed on UFOs and government secrets, please check out UFO historian, Richard Dolan's lecture on this subject. Then check out the late Karla Turner's lecture on the recent history of alien abductions.

It is obvious to me that some aliens and humans are violating extraterrestrial and international law with regards to kidnapping, sexual interference, DNA theft, mind control, mental and emotional vampirism, etc. This alien hybridization program doesn't seem to have official sanction from any Galaxy Federation Council.  

The people of Earth are vulnerable to any hi-tech group that wants to brainwash them and/or sell their bodies, DNA, and memories on an alien black market.

As I mention earlier in this blog, the enforcement of Extraterrestrial Law is primarily on the shoulders of "The Brotherhood of Christ".

The heading "My Cosmic Views Of The Universe" goes into more depth on the  21th century Jesus and The Brotherhood.  

Up to the 20th century, Christianity looked like a box with a lid on it. Only certain interpretations of the Bible were allowed and no prophets or visionaries were allowed either. 

Sci-Fi writers like Gene RoddenberryKurt VonnegutRichard MathesonRod SterlingGeorge Lucas, Ron Hubbard, etc. opened up that box so mankind could see more of the universe and what's in it. 

I wouldn't collectively demonize any alien race (like reptilians) because certain members were criminals. 

Every alien individual accused of illegal and degrading acts on human beings would be given a fair trial and dealt with according to laws governing this planet and the galaxy. 

We serve. We protect. We enforce the law. 


Posted by qualteam at 10:33 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 23 December 2014 9:02 PM EST
Wednesday, 3 December 2014
The Defense Of Earth

The above picture looks like a scene from"Dark Skies". This was a 1990's TV series where there wasn't much of a defense against alien invasion because the U.S. Government was either in complete denial or covering it up.

To start off with, it appears that aliens have been interfering with Earth and its population for at least 450,00 years. The sources for this information come mostly from the TV series, "Ancient Aliens"," Zachariah Sitchin", "Michael Tellinger", "Lloyd Pye" and "John Lash". According to ancient Sumerian records, the Annunaki came to Earth looking for gold. They found lots of it here, but didn't want to mine it themselves, so they created human slave workers from the DNA of Neantrathals and their own race.

As the human race increased, so did the "gods" who wanted to rule over them. The mythologies of different cultures were full of "Wars Between Gods" and their followers. This included not only the Sumerians, but the Greeks, the Norse and even the Hindus in India. The history of mankind was a river of blood and corpses.

Jesus Christ was born into this world of competing religions and ideologies. Everything was set up to make the average human an obedient slave. There was no respect for human rights or humanitarian values. Might was right and it ruled with deadly force. You were told what to do and what to believe in.

Jesus gave us visions of the Kingdom of Heaven where people served the least of the brethren and the common good. There was also a hope that the Kingdom of Heaven would eventually come to Earth. 

Jesus initiated spiritual defenses against these evil aliens who thought they could do as they pleased with mankind. A spiritual defense is any action that incapacitates an evil being from doing harm to others. "Visions of Hell" and "The Wrath of God" are two examples of spiritual defenses. "The Book Of Revelation" is the ultimate spiritual defense because it lays out dire consequences for those invading Earth and brainwashing its population.

Are aliens still messing with humanity in the 20th and the 21th century?  According to the late Karla Turner and others, they sure are.

Like the Annunaki, the Grays and Reptilians, probably still consider man to be their property. Maybe that was the case hundreds of thousands of years ago but it isn't the case today. Violations of intergalactic law can carry stiff penalties.

Rule of law will prevail on planet Earth.


Posted by qualteam at 1:32 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 6 December 2014 12:18 PM EST

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