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Sunday, 22 February 2015
First Contact Protocols

When Klaatu, the ET in the movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still", visited Earth he made three major mistakes with proper protocols.


  1. He didn't prepare his audience for the meeting with friendly human-oriented communications like in my blog "First Contact Day In The Near Future". The saucer touched down in Washington and who was waiting for him: The military. 
  2. Klaatu brought a weapon of mass destruction with him (A super robot called "Gort".) This machine created a great deal of fear amongst the military and the general public. This is not the type of atmosphere you want to create with a friendly visit.
  3. At the end of the movie, Klaatu preaches about how destructive nuclear weapons are. Really??? After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we knew how destructive nuclear weapons are. Treating political leaders and the military like children is not going to impress anyone. 
Despite these issues, The Day The Earth Stood Still is still one of the best science fiction films of all time.
Since Roswell, there has been a strong desire for many of us to meet with extraterrestrials. Psychics began channelling ETs from all over the world. One of the most famous was George Van Tassel of Giant Rock. He channeled "The Ashtar Command", an Earth defense force in outer space.
Apparently, there was contact between members of the above group and President Eisenhower during the 1950s, but no agreement was made because he signed an earlier agreement with the Grays or Annunakis.
These meetings were not "first contacts", but self-serving exopolitical deals seeking advantages over enemies.
There must be proper protocols for First Contact to be successful. Just dropping a spaceship down somewhere and improvising isn't the answer. This is how Tom T. Moore and many others view First Contact. It just happens.
There has to be a plan that minimizes prejudicial antagonism and opens the door to "The Reality of Extraterrestrials on Earth" which is another name for "Disclosure".  

 It is my suggestion that First Contact follow the following steps.


  1. Friendly communications are sent as outlined in my blog. These messages could be sent by radio, TV, and the internet in an attempt to reach ever person on the Earth. There should also be a proclamation that no weapons are on board.
  2. A universal flag of peace should be flown from the spaceship.
  3. Instructions are sent for the first invitees. They would be part of the UFO community that has been earnestly trying to establish the truth of UFO contacts over the last 70 years.
  4. Religious leaders and extraterrestrial channelers would be next. If they had any questions to ask the ETs, it would be at this time.
  5. An open forum would be held for the media and political leaders. Again, all questions would be answered as much as possible.
The main purpose of the visit would be to be to set the record straight on extraterrestrial activity that have worried and frightened many around the world. I listed this agenda in my last blog on this page.

Posted by qualteam at 12:03 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 23 February 2015 9:11 PM EST

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