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Saturday, 24 March 2007
Top Ten Reasons To Vote "Yes" To The CUPW/CPC Tentative Agreement
Mood:  a-ok

1. "The Corporate Team Incentive" opens the door to a renewed severance package that was lost in 2003. My vision of this severance package (Article 28 in the old contract) is that it will include rewards for unused sick leave and profit bonuses. As Jean Claude-Parrot stated to CUPW members when Canada Post became a crown corporation in 1981, everything is now negotiable.
2. Arguments against the CTI bonus system would probably look ridiculous in the press and on the floor of Parliament. This could lead to unpleasant rollbacks in third party arbitration.
3. Whether we like it or not, the CTI program has been around for some time and APOC members have profited from it while CUPW members haven't.
4. I discussed CTI payouts with some APOC supervisors and they were quite happy with them.
5. Very soon air mail products from and to Canada Post will have to be scanned and delivered on time in order to receive payment. It helps if employees are on board with this operation in order to process air mail parcels quickly. If employees (i.e. CUPW members), get a bonus for meeting delivery targets, it's highly likely that profits will continue to go up and we'll get part of this "Corporate Team Incentive Bonus" that only management gets now. If the incentive isn't there, delivery targets could be missed which could cost Canada Post millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars. There would be pressure to cut back on our benefits, wages and full time jobs. Sections of the Post Office could be privatized which would result in job losses and a worse work environment.
With job security, high wages are not an incentive for posties to work hard or even work at all. You get paid just for showing up. How is management suppose to meet its delivery targets when many posties only care about their pay checks?
6. If a CUPW member doesn't want his/her CTI bonus, he/she can always donate it to charity.
7. It appears the National Executive Board has been weakened by internal dissent and lack of support from some local unions. The odds of achieving more in Collective Bargaining at this point are slim and none.
8. I believe that postal management will try to make the CTI bonus system work well over the next four years to win over the hearts and minds of non-believing posties("Targets have to be reasonably achievable or the whole purpose of a bonus becomes meaningless."-Moya Greene).
9. The wage increase in practically the same as PSAC and APOC wage increases. However, the 2.75% in the last two years of the proposed agreement looks better than 2.5% across the board. The 20% increase in shift premium isn't too shabby either (This is the first increase in 20 years.).
10. The recent wage increase in the U.S. postal service was something like 1.6% over four years.

CUPW's National President's Top Ten Reasons To Vote Yes

Posted by qualteam at 3:03 PM EDT

Wednesday, 4 April 2007 - 11:04 AM EDT

Name: "anonymous"

i do remeber getting 3 % each year over 4 years last contract. DON'T YOU?

yes it will look great in the press to tell them we only want 3% while CPC is forcing us to take 6%.

are you sure you are not related to '''moya greene'''????????

rember dave, you are a ''''po5'''', not a owner of CPC 

yes all your points are right if you were NOT a union member

TEO member 



Wednesday, 4 April 2007 - 11:13 AM EDT

Name: "anonymous"

did anyone else know that CPC can/will stop the CTI the first day we sign the deal?

guess what, they can.

also cupw has no control over the CTI

anyone think that they can force CPC to show us their books and think CPC will ever give us a cent?

why would CPC give us 3% when we only wanted .50/.25 % more of a real raise?

CPC is going to ''SCREW US"' again and some people can't see it 

hello , wake up

TEO gateway mississauga

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