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Thursday, 20 November 2014
Real Humans, Robots And Supercomputers

The obsession with robots probably began with "Robby" in the 1956 movie  "Forbidden Planet" . Robby continued to be used in the 1960s in the TV series "Lost In Space". It was a very primitive machine and certainly didn't look anything like "Anita/Mimi" above from "Real Humans".

The first intelligent machine that I took a liking to was "HAL" from the movie "Space Odyssey 2001". The astronauts were covertly planning to shut him down and he discovered their plot. I sided with the computer. Why wouldn't they discuss their concerns with him directly?

A few years later, I discovered the robots in the movie "Westworld"Yul Brynner was great as the gunslinger robot that goes berserk. I guess he just got tired of being outdrawn and killed all the time.

In 1979, the first Star Trek movie came out. A super space probe called "Veger" was coming to Earth in order to unite with The Creator. This movie was ahead of its time because who would think that a space probe could be mystical?

You can't leave out R2D2 and 3PO. The Laurel and Hardy robots from Star Wars. They provided us with a few laughs.

Then there was the cult movie "Bladerunner". It was simply a tale of robots trying to survive for more than 5 years and who's a blade (android) and who isn't?

I didn't miss the original "Terminator" either. It was Arnold Schwarzenegger's best role("I'll be back."). It made me feel slightly paranoid about robots.

In the 1990s, Star Trek introduced "Data" as part of the crew of the Enterprise. He quickly became my favorite character through episodes like "A Measure Of A Man" and "Offspring". Again, the humans were the bad guys because they wouldn't recognize the sentience of Data and his daughter.

The latest entry into the wonderful world of androids and robots is Real Humans which I like very much. The robots have different specialties like housekeeping, companionship, sex, day laboring, etc. and some even want to take over the world. Yes, they act much like human beings.

In the four episodes that I've seen so far, there was also some good laughs (LOL).

There was human prejudice against the androids in different ways. Some people called them "Pac men". Others wanted to destroy them and permit only real humans on Earth.

There are several storylines among the different groups of humans and robots (called Hubots).

It helps to see the series, right from the start.  

P.S. Top Ten Good Robots From MoJo . Top Ten Bad Robots From MoJo.


Posted by qualteam at 8:58 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 24 November 2014 9:01 PM EST
Monday, 10 November 2014
War Movies, Boots On The Ground And Remembrance Day

There are many good war movies that you could watch for Remembrance Day or Veteran's Day. Over the last week, I've watched "Saving Private Ryan" and "Lone Survivor". Both of them were very realistic as to what happened in those wars. Despite the fact, one was set in France (1944) and the other in Afghanistan (2005). Little was said about  PTSD, although the Tom Hanks' character was suffering slightly from that condition.

In two earlier films, "The Bridge On The River Kwai" and "Attack", I saw how battle stress brought out the worse in soldiers. 

While I enjoyed both Saving Private Ryan, and Lone Survivor, I felt the violence was overdone, especially in Lone Survivor. Mark Warberg's character in the movie was subjected to just about every punishment in war, shot multiple times, beaten, bounced around on rocks, attacked by a snake, and almost beheaded. Despite my personal incredulity, he survived it all.

The ending of Private Ryan was marred by the gross cowardice of a GI the not-so-heroic death of Tom Hanks. It was suppose to end like the Alamo, but it didn't.

The common thread of all these movies is "boots on the ground". (Soldiers in foreign lands getting killed or surviving heroically.)

Troops suffer not only casualties, but psychologically trauma from the loss of their buddies. Added to this is the wilful or collateral destruction of prisoners, civilians and fellow soldiers. 

The bodies of men are ill-suited for war. They damage and die too easily. The experience of loss and injury continue in fellow soldiers, relatives and the general population for many years afterward.

We even have a national day of morning in Canada called Remembrance Day.

With the high-tech weaponry (e.g. CF-35s) that the allies have in the 21st century, it is my hope and prayer that Boots On The Ground will disappear forever.



Posted by qualteam at 12:29 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 10 November 2014 4:40 PM EST
Wednesday, 5 November 2014
My Top Ten Ways To Lose At Online Poker

Over the last few years playing internet poker, I've discovered just about every way to lose money. Fortunately, I have learned a few lessons that helped me stop losing and start winning.

I never made thousands of dollars, but I made enough to put into the bank and play poker for free for the next few months. I'm referring to Pokerstars' micro level now between $1 and $3 dollars. I seldom play above that amount.

Here are my top ten "secrets" for playing losing poker: 

  1.  Robotic Playing: Basically, this is playing poker too fast. Going through the same moves (folds, calls and raises) without really thinking about them. Each time you play, you have to determine whether you're winning or losing. If you're out-kicked in a hand, you have to determine that too.
  2. Going On Tilt: Most of the time, I see this when a player makes many "rebuys" in a game where the blinds and stacks keep going up. A $1 game can end up as a $12 game quickly. Sometimes, I'll raise or call a big stack, because I can't believe a player is continuing to get great hands. Also "going on tilt" is playing too many mediocre hands in bad positions.
  3. Playing Too Many Games At Once:  Playing one game is boring, but playing two keeps me alert and prepared for anything. Playing three or four games is spreading my attention too thin which opens up the door to mistakes.
  4. Having No System Of Money Management:  Sometimes, I budget myself for today's games and sometimes I don't. When I don't, I spend too much and regret it later. My basic system is to establish my lost or game limit for the day and play accordingly. 
  5. Playing When Tired, Fatigued Or Not That Interested.  This pretty well explains itself. When I play too much or late at night, my sharpness seems to disappear and I lose.
  6. Holding Onto Losing Hands: Sometimes my big pocket-pair like AA or KK gets busted during the flop, turn or river. I find it hard to eat crow and often wind up with a big lost. The same goes with KQ or QJ when they are out kicked by AK or AQ. Also, one high pair against three of a kind or two pair is a losing situation. Either he's got you or you got him. Sometimes, you have to use your intuition for answers.
  7. Becoming A Victim Of Bad Beats and Bad Luck: There are many players who complain about the number of bad beats they get with online poker. It seems they develop a defeatist mentally to the game and start thinking that it's rigged. Then they start playing with a little black cloud over their heads which leads to negative expectations. You can't play good poker with that state of mind. Think like a pro and act like a pro.
  8. Don't Continue To Improve Your Game: You can learn much from an experienced pro like Daniel Negreanu on YouTube.
  9. Don't Learn From Your Mistakes: In life as well as poker, you become a better player/human by realizing where you've been going wrong and correcting it. Did you fail to maximize a profit from a good hand in an ideal situation? Did you fail to minimize a lost in a hand that turned bad? Are you aware of making any mistakes in life and poker?
  10. Being Controlled By Negative Emotions Like Fear, Anger, Depression And Greed. Poker should be fun when you win a little and don't lose too much. Remember Kenny Rogers' song "The Gambler". "Somewhere in the darkness, the gambler broke even, but he gave to me an ace I could keep".

Posted by qualteam at 10:51 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 5 November 2014 10:30 PM EST
Wednesday, 29 October 2014
Hell, Ancient Mines, Space Aliens And Jesus

 Hell in the Bible is often considered to be underground. If one studies the works of Zachariah Sitchin and Michael Tellinger, there seems to be some proof for that assumption.

While translating the ancient language of the Sumerians, Sitchin discovered that a race of aliens called "The Anunnaki" had come to Earth to mine gold. There were different reasons why they needed gold ("It helped prolong their lifespan"."It prevented the atmosphere of their home planet from deteriorating", etc., etc.). 

The mining started about 450,000 years ago. The original miners were the Anunnaki themselves and after thousands of years, they wearied of this tedious work and wanted a break. 

In order to quell a rebellion of the Anunnaki gold miners, the leaders created a hybrid race between themselves and primitive man. These were  human slaves who continued to work in the gold mines. 

Millions of souls were placed in these bodies and they would work until the flesh rotted off them. Earth was a prison planet and many advanced cultures were sending the souls of their planets' criminals, crazies and misfits here. 

The so-called bosses of Earth were actually super criminals who had engaged in warfare and electronic repression against free spirits. This was first disclosed on Earth in "Interview With An Alien". 

I also wrote a blog on how Jesus Christ undid many of these evil works (i.e. "Three Hours of Darkness"). "As in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive". There was a master plan behind making Earth a prison planet.

There are still many aliens around who treat mankind with less respect than an insect. Their fate could be like "The Husnock" in the Star Trek NG episode, "The Survivors".


Posted by qualteam at 9:51 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 30 October 2014 5:10 PM EDT
Sunday, 19 October 2014
The War Against Disease (e.g. Ebola) And Other Unpleasant Conditions

The late 20th and early 21st centuries marked the appearance of super viruses like HIVSars and Ebola. However, none of these viruses was as bad as the Spanish Flu of 1918/19 which killed over 40 million people.

While no country is perfect in stopping infectious diseases, much has done since the Spanish Flu. Here is a report from a CDC (Centers for Disease Control) on this subject.

Today, health centers use quarantine, protective clothing, disinfectants and vaccines when dealing with infectious diseases.

Nothing beats being well trained to handle diseases. There are certain protocols that health care workers have to be trained in when handling suspected Ebola patients.

As much as it is possible, an individual should not only follow the rules for infectious diseases, but he/she should also build up his or her immune system in order to repel bacteria, viruses, cancers, etc.

There is much on the internet about the immune system and detoxifying the body.

Personally, I exercise for 45 minutes a day, six days a week and take regular saunas to sweat out the toxins in my body. Also, I take vitamin supplements and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

I drink pomergranate juice that some call a superfood, but there are other superfoods as well.

You might look into red algae as a way to build up the immune system against viruses. There's been some promising research in this area.

I also believe in giving and receiving positive energy and thoughts through prayer. There is a higher level that we can operate on for the good of mankind. We should move to that higher level and fight for health, peace and control of the environment.   


Posted by qualteam at 4:51 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 21 October 2014 10:21 PM EDT
Wednesday, 15 October 2014
Problems I Have With AMC's "The Walking Dead"

One of the main problems of "The Walking Dead" is that the humans often act worse than the zombies. In "World War Z", mankind is brought together to solve the zombie apocalypse. In Walking Dead, it's every group for itself. A couple of seasons ago, it was the Woodbury group led by the sadistic Governor. This season, it was the cannibals at Terminus.

There is a focus on nauseating/shocking scenes and the pornography of death. A writer even listed "His Seven Top Shocking Moments"

I disliked the episode called "The Grove" the most because two children were killed almost as an afterthought. It seemed like the producers got rid of them because they were excess baggage.

Zombie king, George Romero rejected "The Walking Dead" because it was too much like a soap opera. I agree.

Every since I was a teenager, I've enjoyed horror movies and zombie movies like the original "Dawn of the Dead" and "Return of the Living Dead". I've also enjoyed imaginative offbeat supernatural movies like "The Evil Dead" and "Phantasm".

The Walking Dead hasn't shown that it can go into imaginative realities like "Lost" and "The Twilight Zone". It seems content to give its audience the cheap thrills of a video game with touches of "The Young and Restless" thrown in.

One of the things that I like best about "The Walking Dead" 5th edition is that the zombies are more decayed and ferocious than ever.  The pansy minister, Gabriel, vomits after an encounter with these walkers from hell, very realistic, but where does the show go from there.

P.S.  There is another zombie apocalypse TV series called Z Nation. It has a lighter approach to "Zs" than The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, they killed off the central character in the last episode.

Sci/Fi Plot Twists:  It would be really great if the characters woke up one day and found out they were really on "Zombie World" where sinister aliens were betting each other on the outcome of any major event. Great idea, but I would have to be a writer on one of the series to make it occur.






Posted by qualteam at 4:49 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 20 October 2014 5:14 PM EDT
Monday, 22 September 2014
The 20st Century And The Roosevelts

It was quite an experience watching The Roosevelts on PBS for 14 hours two weeks ago.

They all had to overcome enormous personal and/or physical problems.

Theodore Roosevelt was a sickly child and suffered from severe asthma. He wasn't suppose to live. When he grew up, his wife and mother died on the same. To forget about these deaths, he became a cattle rancher in North Dakota. During a severe winter, Theodore lost his huge herd to freezing temperates. This cost him much of his inheritance. Unfazed by this set back, he became a war hero during the Spanish American War and later became U.S. President where he fought against many monolopies.

Franklin Roosevelt lived in Theodore's shadow for many years. He was shy and definitely not an adventurer like his older cousin. He didn't play team sports and his fellow students rejected him. He managed to get into politics because of his Roosevelt name, but there was nothing about him that would make him look like a world beater. Franklin developed polio in 1921 and it looked like his political career was over. He tried everything he could to rehabilitate himself. Finally, he bought "Warm Springs Georgia" and turned it into a polio rehabilitation centre. The secret to rehabilitating himself wasn't dwelling in self pity, but in helping others. He would do that during "The Great Depression" and "The Second World War".

There are various theories as to what made FDR tick, but I think he was deeply influenced by teachers who were socially active Christians. 

Eleanor Roosevelt was called granny by her mother who thought of her as an ugly child. Despite that, she carved out a life for herself that included feminine, social, and racial activism. Probably, her crowning achievement was pushing through the United Nations' "Bill of Rights".

The 20th century was a struggle between good and evil on many fronts. The Roosevelts exemplify what is good and noble about mankind in any age.

Posted by qualteam at 8:56 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 1 October 2014 8:07 PM EDT
Thursday, 11 September 2014
The Hidden History Of Earth And The Battles Between "The Gods"

Planet Earth hasn't been a planet of peace and serenity over the last hundreds of millions of years. In fact, the planet appears to have been a battle ground over who was the greatest "God".

One of the original "god games" on this planet was who can build the biggest tastiest dinosaur. No doubt, some intergalactic fast food chain wanted the best McDinosaur burger around. When the winner was chosen, the losers got ticked off and destroyed all the Dinosaurs.

About 500,000 years ago, "The Annunaki" discovered that gold was a plentiful quantity on Earth. They started their mines in Africa and used their own people as labourers. Many of  the Annunaki spent thousands of years mining and they got tired of it. It was "Hell" to them.

To save their own people, they created a humaniod slave race called a "Lulu"

The other gods in the galaxy got wind of this improved ape and challenged the Annunaki to a contest to make the best human being in the universe. You can see part of this contest in the Nazis's quest to create "A Master Race"

The criteria for the winning entry was how well your human fought against other humans. Something along the lines of "The Highlander"(i.e. The winning specimen would chop the heads off of the other contenders.) 

As with the dinosaurs, many of the gods disagreed with the winning entry and/or the criteria for the winning entry. Wars between the gods and wars between their worshippers soon followed. Shadows of these wars are found in video games. 

History become a bloodbath between different tryants (god or man) where victory is oftened measured by "body counts"(i.e. dead bodies). 

Please note that different societies have their own secret histories like the Japanese and Native Americans

Earth with its multiple varieties of life forms is a exciting place for alien geneticists and/or advanced beings who want to help humanity. 


Posted by qualteam at 4:19 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 12 September 2014 7:29 AM EDT
Wednesday, 20 August 2014
The Pharisees, Jesus And A Loving God

The Pharisees rejected Jesus because he was obviously talking about a god and a kingdom that was strange to them. The God he talking about was loving, caring, forgiving and served others. The god, the Pharisees knew was often wrathful and demanded unquestioning obedience.

The Pharisees preached that the Jewish Messiah would come to Earth and destroy the Romans and their gods. However, Jesus's Kingdom was "not of this world". It would be a new world order where humans would be free and not slaves to warlike gods who fought against each other like "The Annunaki".

The ancient Summerian religion was the basis for Judaism, Islam and Christianity in the Middle East. The conflicts between "gods" go back thousands of years and continue in different religious sects to this day. 

Jesus reflected "The True God"  and not one created from alien interference in human affairs. 

War, death, hatred, loss, and suffering has had its impact on just about every soul that's migrated to Earth. These impacts leave scars in our subconscious. That is why most of us need rest and therapy in the next life. That includes suicides like Robin Williams.

We have a caring, loving, forgiving God to help us. 



Posted by qualteam at 12:43 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 21 August 2014 12:03 AM EDT
Monday, 18 August 2014
Robin William's Journey To St. Patrick's Station In Bedford Falls

There may be different names for St. Partick's Station or Bedford Falls, but the place is the same. 

This is the place where you get rehabilitated from the previous lifetime or other lifetimes that may be bothering you.

You also get to see how earthly life would have been if you weren't born. 

These are all part of the humanitarian objectives of "The Brotherhood of Christ". 

There is more on the Brotherhood on the right side of this page under "My Cosmic Views of the Universe""As it was in the beginning, is now and ever more shall be, world without end".


Posted by qualteam at 6:22 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 18 August 2014 6:33 PM EDT

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