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Real Estate and Vacation Clubs
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Real Estate Has Real Monetary Value

Anyone who owns real estate knows how valuable it is. Most of the time, it goes up in value, but sometimes there's a market correction and the price will go down, but not by much, maybe 20% or 30% at the most.

Timeshare based on fixed weeks with a real location goes down in price. You can check this out by how much by looking on the internet. Someone described it as a "new car" losing money as soon as you drive it off the lot. Despite that, these timeshare properties could be sold with an agent or on Redweek and Tug for real money. There is still some value in them.

Recreation Facilities and Vacation Clubs

These are pay-for-use facilities with a membership fee. These would include fitness clubs, tennis clubs, and timeshares based on points.

I really can't classify timeshare based on points (i.e.vacation clubs) as real estate because there is an incredible lost of value in this kind of timeshare(95%). If this is called a property, it would be called a "Black Hole" sucking the money out of you. If it was an automobile, you would have to pay someone to scrap it.

Sounds like timeshare exit companies, doesn't it?

Any company that pretends its timeshare is more valuable than what it is is committing fraud. Any reseller that pretends the timeshare is more valuable than what it is is doing the same thing. There's a big difference between something worth thousands of dollars and something worse less than $100.

Look out for smoke and mirrors and timeshare "owner's meetings".

There is a great movie (Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo) that illustrates how manipulation can work on people. In the final scene in film, Jimmy Stewart is putting it together on how's he's been deceived and manipulated by Kim Novak. He asks her "Did he coach you? Did he tell you what to say?"