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They try to lure you with dreams of exotic vacations that are "cheaper" than regular vacations. It isn't so.


Locations on The Las Vegas Strip are a big draw. They may pretend that you own part of an exotic-in-demand location, but it's just another big timeshare lie.


Free weekends aren't really free. You have to attend "Owners or Presentation Meetings" and listen to high pressure sales pitches for three hours. They'll wear you down so you'll accept a timeshare that could be discounted 80% from the initial price. There's no discount on the maintenance fees and its duration, however.


There are ways to trick you into signing a long contract by making it appear like it's an insurance policy that protects your timeshare for your grandkids.


There's lots of stormclouds in timeshare that are never addressed like provisions for job loss, sickness and death. In a high pressured sales environment, you only see what the salesmen want you to see.

Thanks but no thanks!