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Best Deals In Timeshare
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We are Advocates for Positive Changes and Consumer-Friendly Deals in Timeshare

There's nothing written in stone that timeshare can't reinvent itself and become more consumer friendly.

Take a look at this fact I got from TUG.com: "Nearly 500 confirmed cases where an owner has made a new Timeshare purchase and then found TUG in time to rescind after discovering the resale market! Amazing!"

The salesmen at TUF think that buying a timeshare for 99% off is an incredible deal, but actually, the best bargains in timeshare are for the renters. The renters enjoy the use of timeshares without the many liabilities.

We bought a timeshare from a famous resort for ONE YEAR and then we cancelled it after we took the vacation we wanted. They never came after us for "Owner's Meetings" or anything else. Good customer service and diverse consumer-friendly plans can exist in timeshare.