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Timeshare Needs An Ombudsman
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Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

I've looked into the legal costs of handling timeshare complaints through the courts and it can be quite pricey for the average timeshare member, even garden variety legal representation can be expensive(i.e. mostly with timeshare exit companies).

There's also the uncertainty of when the victimized timeshare consumer will see his day in court to deal with his allegations against the timeshare resort.

An ombudsman would have to be an expert on timeshare problems and be able to help consumers, seniors and timeshare members.

He would shorten the time and expense of handling consumer complaints and charges against timeshare exit companies and resorts.

Here is the best definition of an Ombudsman that I've seen: "An ombudsman or public advocate is usually appointed by the government or by parliament, but with a significant degree of independence, who is charged with representing the interests of the public by investigating and addressing complaints of maladministration or a violation of rights".

An interested party who wants the whole truth heard shouldn't be left grasping at straws.