Timeshare Bill Of Rights

Good Links For Timeshare Information
Timeshare Needs An Ombudsman
The Timeshare Turkey Pardon
Best Deals In Timeshare
Real Estate and Vacation Clubs
What are Different Timeshares Worth?
Good Links For Timeshare Information
Our History In Timeshare
Timeshare Billing
Timeshare Come-Ons

These are the best informative links that I could find on Timeshare.

This is one of the best websites for timeshare information. These guys shoot from the hip.

Timeshare Users Group(TUG)

Below is Jim Grant's Website: He knows a great deal about Timeshare and how they deceive people. He's had some success in getting refunds for former timeshare members.

Timeshare Tricks

This is how a lawyer uses little known laws to get people out of timeshare.

Anti Timeshare Legal Tactics

Below is a Redweek forum on getting out of timeshare, options (pros and cons) are examined.

Redweek Forum For Those Who Want To Leave Timeshare

There are many timeshare resellers, timeshare lawyers and former salesmen who want to get you out of timeshare too, but they also want lots of your money. They are not mentioned here.