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It is well known that timeshare exit companies like "The Timeshare Exit Team" can charge up to $5000 to negotiate a secret exit agreement with a timeshare company. Timeshare members appear like fair game to predators that is why I wrote "The Timeshare Bill of Rights".

Welcome to manipulative and extreme intimidation.

I've developed an insight into "The Timeshare Billing Scheme" of putting ever increasing penalties for not paying their membership fees.

This practice relates back to their "unofficial exit option" of $2000. "If you don't pay $2000, we'll foreclosure and you'll have to pay $17,500." This is an attempt to make the lesser amount more palpable, so that you will pay it: I call it "Psychological Extortion".

This turns up in the billing process "if you don't pay by such a date then you'll have to pay more, progressively more". No exit option is offered from these "manipulation and coercive actions".

Like I've stated before "Timeshare members and seniors are treated like cattle and milked for whatever can be gotten out of them. I firmly believe that Timeshare abuses cost seniors/consumers and the tourist industry many millions every year in the U.S. and Canada."


Take a hard stand against these guys. Instead of fear and flight, just FIGHT!