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What are Different Timeshares Worth?
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Not all timeshares and/or vacation clubs are created equal

I discovered "Sharket" while doing timeshare market research. The timeshare we bought had "A ONE Salability Score with a Resort Rank of #1,056". This is what score means: Sharket assigns a "Saleability Score," which estimates the ease of selling a unit at a particular resort. "If your resort receives a score from 8 to 10, a timeshare expert suggests you "contact a real estate broker who specializes in timeshares." If it's scored 6 or 7, you still have a good chance of selling, but probably via eBay, RedWeek or the Timeshare Users Group. Units at resorts with a low saleability score may be harder to unload, but you may be able to give them away through a bargain basement website".

Sharket.Com: All Timeshares Are Not Equal

"Unload" is right. A timeshare reseller inflated the value of our timeshare and it languished with no offers for 3 years despite extreme discounts. We paid $1500 for this service and they weren't going to give us our money back.

From another website, we did get a reasonable offer, but the buyer tried to rip us off on closing costs with a bogus cashier check for $2900. We never cashed it. A dark reality of timeshare is that its liabilities extend further than the timeshare companies.

I heard that one guy got ripped off six times by timeshare resellers or conmen.

Most timeshare members are surprised by the devaluation that happens to their timeshares. Even good ones sell at a discount of 40% or less of their initial price.

As far as we know, timeshares based on points are at the bottom of the barrel. Ours have a market value of less than $10 dollars each.

There's an obvious different between timeshare ownership of weeks based on an actual location and one that gives points that expire after a short time. The second one is a pay-for-use "Vacation Club".

The former obviously rates higher on the Sharket Scale than the latter which we have.

We call our "ownership" a program on Star Trek's Holodeck.

Anyone can do their own research on the internet. Any company that resells timeshare have their own bias on this subject. We learned about timeshare from the school of hard knocks. We hope we can help others who feel confused, fearful and exploited in the wild jungle of timeshare.