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My Little World

My first chess tournament. I won.

These are my personal obsessions, chess and my own little fantasy world.  I, also, write a great into a diary, but I'm not going to expose my private thoughts for the world to see.

I have a huge stuff animal menagerie that I've been collecting for years. Max is my favourite because he's always going someplace where he shouldn't. I go with him to keep him out of trouble which I usually get into myself.

I'm Max and I love eating and singing.

This is Beauty my magical horse. She carries me to worlds that no one has seen.

I'm Beauty. Can we go somewhere together?

Thanks for visiting me and my friends.

Can we share our little worlds together?

Send me an e-mail. I'd love to hear from you.

I'm Fireball. Want to see where I live?

That little guy above isn't innocent. He shows me places where I can have a "hell of a good time". It's just temptation, I guess. He's a devil without a disguise.

I'm Studwolf. Seen Red Riding Hood, lately?

You take the sheep's clothing off alot of guys and guess what you have below. This cagey fellow, right.
He's the Big Bad Wolf looking for Little Red Riding Hood.

Dreams And Nightmares

My Family

Favourite Music, Visions, Hobbies, Movies, Links, Etc.

This cute Indian doll could be me or my mother.

I love native dolls and little angels. They're like personal friends to me. 

I'm Diana. Clarissa is my best friend.

Cartoon World

I made this MySpace Music Player at