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Favourite Singers And Videos

I'm all over the map when it comes to the music and singers that I like. Here are four of my favourite artists doing four of my favourite songs. Hope you like them too.

I discovered this video by Canadian singer Aselin Debison. This video was shot on "Cape Breton Island" somewhere on the east coast of Canada. It's an original version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and "Wonderful World".

I may be old fashion, but Judy Garland is my favourite singer of all time and "The Wizard of Oz"  is my favourite movie of all time. I've seen it over a 100 times. Here's Judy singing "Over The Rainbow" against a background of scenes from the film. Great editing.

Jackson Browne is my favourite male singer. He always looks like he searching for something that he can't put in words. I can relate to that. Here's his biggest hit, "Running On Empty".

Elvis doesn't need Celine Dion to help him with "I Have A Dream". He's still the greatest performer in the world and my mother's favourite singer.

Here are some of my favourite musical links.


Elvis Presley

Judy Garland

Aselin Debison

Jackson Browne