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Favourite Music, Visions, Hobbies, Movies, Links, Etc.

Favourite Music, Visions, Hobbies, Movies, Links, Etc.

I like cheering people up on a rainy day.

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Below are some of my favourite hobbies and interests

Movie: Psycho
TV Series: Star Trek(Voyager)
Book: Any Nancy Drew Mystery
Band: The Eagles
Recording: The Colors Of The Wind
Singer: Judy Garland and Jackson Browne
Outdoor Sport: Tennis, Horseback Riding
Indoor Game: Chess
Hobbies: Doing crosswords, Writing in my diary
Writing stories about my "Little World".
Food: Chinese

I love surfing in the ocean and on the internet.

I love finding out about others and their interests. Please tell me about yourself through an e-mail or a guestbook message. 

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Tell me about your interests and hobbies.

Please e-mail me.

Here are some of my favourite links. 

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Bye for now. I've got some traveling to do.

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