A desert resort offers unusual, paranormal adventures for its guests. For a young woman and her grandfather, however, this an "Arizona Bermuda Triangle" where Indian pilgrims disappear without a trace. The two are determined to find out why.

Unfortunately, circumstances don't go well. Strange visions and dreams haunt the entire family. It is apparent to the young woman-Clarissa-and her mother that one or more powerful beings are attacking them on a mental level.

With the help of a wise Native-American chief, Clarissa's grandfather and mother devise a battle plan to exorcise the usual suspects(i.e. evil spirits), but the exorcism fails.

Supposedly, a maniac is murdering hotel guests and a powerful religious cult is bringing them back to life. But is this really happening? With visions and dreams being so prevalent at the hotel, there are concerns about what is real and what isn't?

Each family member and a detective assert different opinions on the bizarre events that are occuring. It's like a maze that leads from one dead end to another.

Only the inexperienced Clarissa seems to have some insight into what is really going on, but she must discover the true reality of the resort and its caretakers before she and her family get transported to "heavenly" places.

Clarissa's Personal Website

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Strange Disappearances

Rumors Of Alien Abductions

The World Of Lost Souls

The Native-American Burial Grounds

The Journey To Katimavik

The ghost town that has a life of its own.

"We have to find out what why people disappear from this place. This is part of my journey"

"If you place your feet at the beginning of that path, you must walk it to the end".

Why don't we make this journey together?