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This is a "Pay What You Can" Yardsale for Women's Shelters in Peel, Brampton and the GTA.

Women's Shelters

Irene never went to a Women's Shelter, but she was helped out by another caring woman.

Helping Another Person in Time of Need

When my late wife, Irene Barron (Sparkes) arrived in Toronto during the hot summer of 1990, she arrived basically with the clothes on her back. However, she was lucky to find a job at Zellers, but she didn't have adequate accommodations or meals. She slept in a bedroom that didn't have air-conditioning and ate food that was covered with salt.

A fellow employee at Zellers, Irene Romano, took mercy on Irene and invited her to her place constantly. She provided Irene with an air-conditioned room/house and decent meals.

Irene wanted a place of her own, but didn't have sheets, plates or kitchen utensils. Her friend, Irene, provided these things for her.

I don't know everything that she gave my wife, but it helped start her own apartment on Woodbury Etobicoke in 1991.

Irene Romano went back to Germany to look after her mother and soon married again to Kurt Dummel who passed away a few years ago.

Often, Irene from Germany visited her three sons in Toronto. We always saw her when she was here and take her to different places.

Irene and Irene phoned each other regularly over the years.

My wife was helped through difficult times by Irene. Both were loyal to each other despite the separation from each other in Canada and Germany over 30 years.

Help someone at a difficult time in their life and make a friend forever.

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