Irene's Special Yard Sale

What's Available At The Yardsale

What's Available At The Yardsale
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1.Socks, Leggings mostly new 2. Hockey Cards unopened from the the 1990s. 3. Cassettes, mostly oldies country, many are unopened.4.CDs Mostly unopened. Classic country, collectible oldies, classic rock from the 60s,70s,80s,and 90s.5.DVDs,movies, lots that are unopened.6.Movies on VHS tapes, many unopened.8.Lots of pants, shorts, scarfs, PJs, tops 9.Lots of perfume 10.Lots of books, thrillers, romance interesting collectibles 11.A few games 12. A few pictures 13.School paper

Special collectible souvenirs will be available for family at this unique yard sale. Others can order these items from David Barron.

This the first yard sale that Irene and I have ever had. We've moved three times over a 26 year period.

Unfortunately, I've been unable to upload any pictures on the items related to the yard sale. These webpages are old. This was the way the internet was 25 years.