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Sunday, 27 March 2011
Canadian Federal Election Called For May/02/11

Minority governments are basically unstable and this one lasted only two and a half years. In a parliamentary system, a government and the Prime Minister only continue if the "House of Commons" gives them a "vote of confidence". If it's a vote of non-confidence as it was a couple of days ago, an election usually follows.

From left to right, here are the leaders: The Prime Minister (Conservative, Stephen Harper), the Leader of the Opposition, (Liberal, Michael Ignatieff), the Leader of the New Democratic Party, Jack Layton, the leader of The Green Party, Elizabeth May, last and least, the leader of the Bloc Quebecois (a separatist party) Gilles Duceppe.

The biggest knock against Michael Ignatieff is his inexperience. He only joined the Liberal Party five years ago. He spent considerable time out of the country teaching and writing books. The most recent poll has him running a distant third on the question: "Who would make the best Prime Minister?"

The Conservative's minority government was almost overthrown in 2008, by a coalition of N.D.Ps, Liberals and Bloc Quebecois. Harper is making a big thing out of that because he wants a majority government in 2011. A majority government could last four or even five years.

It is highly likely that Harper will win his majority because there's been been too many elections in this decade (4 in 7 years to be exact). Each election costs taxpapers about 300 million dollars.

I'm not enthusiastic about Harper, but the other party leaders have said nothing about Canada's increased debt burden coming out of the recent recession. What would they do about it?

I have a pretty good idea where Conservative Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty is going with his budget.

Posted by qualteam at 8:28 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 27 March 2011 9:09 PM EDT
Thursday, 24 March 2011
Remembering Liz Taylor

Two of the things I remember the most about Liz Taylor were her performances in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" and "Suddenly Last Summer". The scripts demanded great performances and Liz delivered.

In "Suddenly Last Summer", she out acted Katharine Hepburn and in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf", she out acted any other actress who graced the silver screen.

She had a long history of friendships with gay actors which included, Montgomery Cliff, Rock Hudson and Roddy McDowell. This happened long before it was cool to be gay.

She also stood by Michael Jackson during his darkest moments a few years ago.

Liz also was the first celebrity to bring AIDS to the forefront of the media.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor lived a very passionate life, both on and off the screen. I remember her most for the way she put her own life into film characters.


Posted by qualteam at 10:39 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 24 March 2011 11:33 PM EDT
Saturday, 19 March 2011
An Expiry Date For Dictators

Lets admit it. Dictators of any stripe or political persuasion aren't in vogue anymore. With the development of the internet, more and more people are beginning to think for themselves. Pretty soon, these kind of leaders will become like dinosaurs and regulated to Earth's violent past.

Dictators should have  expiry dates on themselves and Earth should be a "Dictator Freezone".  I believe many beings in the spirit world are  working towards that goal in present time.

There are many things big and small that can be done to make this planet a better place. One of the most beneficial is freeing a country from an oppressive dictator.


Posted by qualteam at 1:34 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 19 March 2011 2:38 PM EDT
Wednesday, 16 March 2011
Radiation: It's Something We All Have To Deal With

Over the last few days, there's been lots of expert opinion about radiation and just how much we can absorb. If there's one common denominator to all these opinions, it's the fear of radiation. 

As you can see from the chart above, radiation is a common occurrence on planet Earth. It's interesting to see that "Radon" is the most natural radiation source.

As well as nuclear reactors and the sun, we get radiation from all kinds of sources like marble, granite and bananas

We can't avoid radiation and we shouldn't go paranoid about it.

Any kind of radiation is a toxin like PCB, DDT and some food preservatives. The body has to get rid of these poisons just like it gets rid of wastes and diseases. Toxins can cause cancer and other bad conditions.

It's important to have a diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to fight toxins. Added to this is a regimen of vigorous exercise and hot saunas.

Sweating the toxins out of the body is very important to our overall health.

Apparently, Niacin is very good at removing radiation. I tried it many years ago and seemed to work.

With all the negative hype about radiation in the media, we could become a victim of "radiation phobia" very quicky.

The human body is not as fragile as many experts say it is. When we have to, many of us can survive incredibly tough conditions.


Posted by qualteam at 10:39 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 16 March 2011 11:51 PM EDT
Saturday, 12 March 2011
Overcoming Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Negative Thinking

On occasion,  I've seen documentaries on "The Inevitability of Catastrophes Hitting Earth". It's so depressing that sometimes I think: Why try to make the world a better place when it's all going to be destroyed anyway"? Then I give myself a reality check. I believe in God and "The Power Of The Supreme Being".

Mankind has went through many catastrophes (plagues, wars, famines, enviromental disasters, etc.) and come out the better for it. Why? Because through those bad times, some had a vision of a better world or a "Kingdom of God".

During the 1950s and 60s, many preached about the inevitability of nuclear war. "It was going to happen because there was nobody around to stop it". "Mutual Assured Destruction" was the order of the day. Do you remember "The Cuban Missile Crisis"? This was the closest the world ever came to nuclear war.

The U.S. and Soviet Union had the power to destroy the world four times over, but it didn't happen. The arms race came to end when the Soviet Union broke up.

I believe that the prayers of Christians were answered by the break up of the U.S.S.R. We sought divine protection from the arms race and the Lord responded to us.

I am now deeply troubled by enviromental menaces like the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. I asked the Lord to spare us from those catastrophes for a long time:

"I pray for more weather/earthquake/tsumani control over planet Earth. I know that the powers that cause those catastrophes can be bound and I ask you (God) to bind them for a long time. In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask this. Amen.

I request that more spiritual beings in the Kingdom of God get advanced training in weather and enviromental control on Earth.

On a spiritual and physical level, we are here to serve and protect".

I don't like going through life as a helpless victum of destructive forces and negative thinking. There is a way to plug into a positive power greater than oneself.

What do you think?


Posted by qualteam at 4:02 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 12 March 2011 11:47 PM EST
Tuesday, 8 March 2011
100 Years After The Suffragists

It interesting to note on "International Women's Day" that women have fought long and hard for their rights as citizens, workers and even human beings. 

The Suffragette Movement started in the 19th century and was propelled by the strong arm tactics of Emmeline Pankhurst. You might call her the proponent of the doctrine that freedom and rights are won from the oppressors. They are not given. She definitely would support populist movements in the Middle East today.

Women won the right to vote after the first World War, but they still had to crack male establishments in politics and medicine to win equality rights. Nellie McClung in politics and Elizabeth Bagshaw in medicine were two of the pioneers.

This was just the beginning in Canada, because women had to win "The Right For Equal Pay For Equal Work". Laura Sabia and Doris Anderson were two fighters for those causes.

Because of the work of those who came before, Roberta Bondar (pictured above) became, perhaps, the biggest success of earlier feminist movements. She was an astronaut, doctor and scientist rolled into one.

As an astronaut, she got a bigger view on life. "When I looked out and saw Earth....something comes to life for you, an incredible emotion. You realize we need all the resources of every culture."

Every human life on this planet should have the freedom to realize his or her potential. The struggle continues.

Posted by qualteam at 2:36 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 8 March 2011 3:38 PM EST
Wednesday, 2 March 2011
A Vision Of A World Without Oppressive Dictators

As a baby boomer living in Canada, I lived a privileged life. My family was reasonably well off and my main concern was finishing school and getting a good job. This was accomplished with relative ease.

My knowledge of oppressive dictators was very shallow. My father fought against the Nazis in World World Two, but he said very little about his experiences.

During the 1950s and 60s, I worried about crazy communist leaders who wanted to nuke us.

My ideas about that changed when I saw "Doctor Strangelove". There might be crazy people anywhere (especially in the US) who would enjoy nuking anyone.

I wanted the arms race ended. I wanted the nuclear threat eliminated.

During this time, I thought that dictators were like disposable diapers. As soon as one was disposed, another would replace him. This happened in South Vietnam many times.

Supposedly, the CIA was creating dictators in 3rd World countries who were against communism. I wasn't worried about that. I was worried about "nuclear winter" and accidental nuclear war.

I was overjoyed by the collapse of the Soviet Union. I felt that this was a divine answer to Christian prayers about nuclear war.

The dictators (Mugabe, NoriegaHussein, Pinochet, etc.) were still out there oppressing their peoples, but Christians were isolated from the brutal tyranny in other countries (out of sight and out of mind).

Then the genocides in Darfur, Rwanda and Serbia/Bosnia started to make headlines. I became aware how destructive dictators can be to their populations. I wanted this to stop.

When Egypt overthrew its president, I knew there was a way to solve this brutal dictatorhip problem. Oppressed peoples who desire freedom and democracy could be assisted by Western Governments and The Brotherhood of Christ. 

The power is there. It can be released through prayer which are requests to the Supreme Being.

"I Shall Be Released" was a big hit for Joan Beaz. It's for freedom fighters anywhere.

Posted by qualteam at 2:27 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 2 March 2011 9:33 PM EST
Monday, 28 February 2011
Sprititual Forces Beyond This Planet

Anyone who read many of my blog entries, should know that I believe in an extraterrestial organization callled "The Brotherhood Of Christ". It is similiar in someways to traditional Christianity and quite different in others. Many of my views on this organization are found on the right side under "Cosmic Views Of The Universe".

It might sound like "Science Fiction" to you, but I didn't want to be straitjacketed by the dogmas of 1st century or medievel Christianity.

There has been much evil on this planet perpetrated by extreme religious views or personal views.

I've been dismayed by the unrestrained destructive power of dictators like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc.

I wondered about the protective powers of "guardian angels" and "God's Army". 

Many fundamentalist Christians are sitting around waiting for God to rapture them. This is hardly a Christian activist way of dealing with global evils like nuclear weapons or dictators who would use WMDs or anything else to stay in power or fulfil their deranged religious prophecies.

I believe in responsible Christianity, not "Escape to Heaven And Let God Handle Everything Christianity".

I believe in spiritual stewardship over the Earth, not only in this life but in the next life as well. We can't escape our duties and responsibilities.

Spirits have to become empowered and work as a team in overcoming the major evils in this world. This doesn't happen over night. Training in this life and the next will help a believer become a powerful/knowing being who can make a difference. 

Directed prayer is an entry level towards those ends.

Personally, I'd like to rid this planet of poverty, cancer, dictators and pollution. These are big problems. Lets roll up our sleeves and start putting a better world in place.

Posted by qualteam at 2:18 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 28 February 2011 3:02 PM EST
Friday, 25 February 2011
The Top Ten Dictators On Earth

It's interesting to note that Ghadaffi has been a poster boy for "The Top Ten Dictators On Earth" for many years. He was dropped off the list in 2006, but reinstated in the tenth spot in 2010. It's hard to keep a good bad guy down.

Ghadaffi has no presidential title. He's simply "The Leader" which could be translated as "El Duce" in Italian or "De Fuhrer" in German. 

Despite Ghadaffi and the other guys listed on the modern bulletin board of infamy, it's hard to match the most infamous dictators of all time.

It appears that some UN members are not aware of Ghadaffi's history.

It takes prayer to start the wheels moving against this oppressive tryant.

Hopefully, there will be UN intervention in Libya with the support of the Arab League soon. The prospect of another Rwanda or Cambodia is frightening.


Posted by qualteam at 9:05 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 25 February 2011 9:43 PM EST
Monday, 21 February 2011
The Fight For Freedom In The Middle East


Whether individually or collectively, mankind and oppressed peoples have striven for freedom on this planet. Many countries have enshrined "A Human Bill Of Rights" into their constitutions.

Fortunately, many battles on these issues were won by people like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King (above), Lach Walesa, and the Germans who brought down "The Berlin Wall". 

In any fight for freedom, individuals have to be willing to sacrifice their lives for their cause. Like Patrick Henry said "Give my liberty or give me death".

Protestors in Egypt, Libya, and Behrain were and still are prepared to give their life for freedom. 

Most people on the Earth want to change their condition for the better, not only for themselves and their families, but for future generations to come.

Pray for those who want democracy and freedom from oppressive governments.

Posted by qualteam at 1:59 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 21 February 2011 5:44 PM EST

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