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Tuesday, 30 November 2010
Santa, Please Bring Me A Wii Console For Christmas

I used to enjoy pinball games before video games. There was some skill connected with them and if you were lucky or skillful, you would win free games. Many a quarter went into these machines without good results.

Back in 1972, the first video game appeared called "Pong". It was a very primitive ping pong game with lousy graphics, but it was easier to play than complicated pinball games. I did ok at the slower, lower levels, but I was useless at the speeded up game.

In the 1980s, "Pacman" came along and I took to it like a duck to water. Then came "Missile Command", "Asteroids", "Space Invaders" and "Donkey Kong"". These games were simple and a lot of fun except they got repetitive after awhile. Try them on for size and see if you like them.

After that I got into board games like backgammon, chess, and trivial pursuit.

Needless to say when the casinos sprung up in Ontario, I started playing craps, blackjack and poker. Any of the above games can be played for fun without paying a cent.

More than board games, video games or card games, I've enjoyed sports since I was a kid and that's why I'm attracted to "The Wii Games". There's a lot territory that you can cover with Wii material.

Complex games like "Donky Kong" (Mario Brothers) or "Call Of Duty" are too difficult for me. 12-year old kids clobber me at those games. I've had better luck with Wii tennis, bowling, and boxing.

Then there's the problem of getting enough physical exercise. When you play lots of sports, you get lots of exercise. I don't do that now. I go to the gym and run like a hamster on a treadmill. This can be boring sometime. Why not diversify my routines with Wii sports and Wii fitness plus?

The youth package for human beings includes not only the right kind of food and vitamins, but games and sports/exercises that keeps the body functioning properly.

Posted by qualteam at 9:53 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 30 November 2010 11:31 PM EST
Wednesday, 24 November 2010
Christmas Comes In An Unexpected Way
Not only is this video very uplifting, but the comment on it by a viewer brought tears to my eyes. I really can't add more on this moment than she has.
Her comment:
"Four years ago, Nov. 13, 2006, my son was in a plane crash that took his life and 4 others. Anytime I see the number 13 it reminds me of his "HeavenDay". I believe that there is Heaven. This video is a wonderful celebration of life, a piece of Heaven on Earth. Share goodness with each other. Call it whatever you want.? Thank goodness for people who choose to make life good for others. Do what is good and loving while you can! Sing in malls! Share your gifts with others. Love one another".

Posted by qualteam at 3:08 PM EST
Monday, 22 November 2010
Rock and Roll From The 1950s Is Young Music


Freddie Vett and The Flames play nothing but the music of the late 50s and early 60s, but it's still energizing and fun. We may be getting older, but the classic rock of yesterday certainly keeps us with a youthful attitude.

It was great that the flames had their own girl group in their band. Where would rock be without Motown or the girl groups of the 60s

Of course, the group played a great deal of heavy rock from the first decade which included "Rock Around The Clock", "Oh Boy" "Hound Dog" and "Great Balls of Fire". The girls sang numbers like "Mister Postman", "He's a Rebel" and "My Boyfriend's Back". 

Added to the above were songs that you rarely hear anymore like The Monotone's, "Book of Love"(A dowop classic), The Coaster's "Charlie Brown"(A novelty song) and Santo and Johnny's "Sleepwalk"(an instrumental classic). Incredibly, the lead singer Freddie Vett was able to play Sleepwalk in the same way it was recorded.

There are only two other rock tribute groups that I would place near Freddie Vette and The Flames. One is "Sha Na Na" and the other is "Showaddywaddy".

There's a great deal of youthful teenage energy and feeling in these songs. I've tried to make my own classic R & R collection on this Youtube website.

Rock and Roll is a very diversified music genre. It didn't take the Beatles to prove this to me. 

Back in the good old days,  if I listened to a song once or twice and if it left an impression, I would remember it many years later. This happened with Cliff Richard's "Please Don't Tease" and Eddie Holland's "Jamie".

There's something about the timelessness of a song that can stick with you. It's like it came from another world where time stands still and no one ages.

Posted by qualteam at 10:46 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 23 November 2010 12:01 AM EST
Tuesday, 16 November 2010
Good Disability Lawyers

I hope you or your family never need a disability lawyer, but if you do there are two in the Toronto area that could help you out. The first one is David Share Associates and the second one is Aaron Lang. David specializes in insurance company disability claims and Aaron specializes in accident claims and CPP disability.

Both of these lawyers have a great deal of experience in the areas they specialize in. They have helped a few friends settle their claims.

CPP disability, especially, can be a mine field for most people because you have to get pass "The OCRT Tribunal" and "The Pension Appeals Board".

I would only promote someone on my blog who I felt was exceptional at what they did.

I also want to point out that the above lawyers take a 30% commission on any lump sum payment. Part of this fee is tax deductible.


Posted by qualteam at 9:39 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 16 November 2010 9:43 PM EST
Thursday, 11 November 2010
We Will Remember Them


Remembrance Day touches more Canadians than ever because of the war in Afghanistan.

Since 2002, every Canadian war casualty has made front page news. Their coffins were followed from Afghanistan to "The Highway of Heroes" in Ontario. This has happened 152 times. Death and scarifice doesn't just effect the dead soldiers' friends and family, but the whole country. Tonight on CBC television, there is a documentary on the fallen in Afghanistan. It's called "We Will Remember Them".

Remembrance Day is called Veterans Day in United States. The Poppy is a symbol of this day because of the poem "In Flanders Fields". 

In the second World War, over 100 million people died on both sides. In today's battles a lot fewer people die, but it still hurts.

Discoverying our common humanity is one way to bring peace into the world. Do you remember the World War One Christmas miracle? Check out the song "Christmas in Trenches".

Posted by qualteam at 9:19 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 11 November 2010 10:01 PM EST
Tuesday, 9 November 2010
The Problem With Zombie Movies

It may come as a suprise to you but the first two episodes of "The Walking Dead" draw more than 10 million viewers. 

From what I've read on the internet, the reviews for this TV series have been very good.

Zombies seem to touch a sensitive part of our subconscious. There's something very evil and mysterious about this phenomena, but we can't get to the bottom of it. It's like a recurring nightmare that haunts many of us. We want it to go away, but it just keeps coming back like the zombies themselves.

I've watched both episodes and the emphasis was on shock and gore rather than story-line and zombie mysteries.

I have many questions about how the zombie apocalpse got started and why the government or military didn't crush it at the beginning. Was there a conspiracy of silence on this threat? Did the military fail in their counter attack against the zombies? Were the zombies created by supernatural means or by super science gone wrong? Who did it? Aliens? Mad scientists? The Devil?

Are the zombies real or are the human survivors' brains plugged into a virtual-reality zombie game? (Something like the Matrix)

In developing the story-line of "The Walking Dead", surely some of the living characters would be interested in what makes zombies tick and what evil lies behind them.

I'd like to see how this plays out.

Another person's view on the top ten zombie movies of all time.

Top Ten Things To Do After You're Dead.


Posted by qualteam at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 9 November 2010 12:24 AM EST
Monday, 1 November 2010
Our Vacation In Nashville

This was our first time to Nashville. It was a real treat to take in "The Grand Ole Opry", "The Ryman Auditorium" and other historical spots like "The Jackson Hermitage" and "The Parthenon".

We managed to see one Grand Ole Opry show which featured "Connie Smith" and "Little Jimmy Dickens". Little Jimmy may be 89 years old, but he still has a quick wit which is reflected in his dry "over the hill humor". Without a doubt,  he was the real star of this show.

We were also entertained at the Texas Troubador Theatre
by a fantastic Elvis imitator, John Beardsley, who did Elvis songs from the years 1953 to 1977. His energy was incredible.  

We went on several tours where we took many pictures, the best of which can be found on my facebook page.

I'd give this vacation a four star rating.

Posted by qualteam at 11:19 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 1 November 2010 11:29 PM EDT
Saturday, 23 October 2010
We're Going To Nashville For A Week


One of the staples in country music is nostagia. "The Grand Ole Opry" has been playing for almost 90 years and it shows no signs of disappearing.

There have been so many good singers that have sung country, Hank Williams, Hank Snow, Johnny Horton, Mary Robbins, Patsy Cline, Conway Twitty, Eddy Arnold, Jim Reeves, Johnny Cash etc. etc. Most died relatively young, but others passed away at a ripe old age.

I remember those entertainers not because they were country singers or part of the Grand Ole Opry, but because they were artists and songwriters that told stories that related to the human condition.

George Jones can communicate it much better than I can communicate it in a blog entry.

Posted by qualteam at 12:42 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 23 October 2010 12:48 AM EDT
Monday, 18 October 2010
The Susan Boyle Story


It's refreshing to discover that a woman can be successful at musical entertainment without being young, sexy or scantily clad.

I saw "The Susan Boyle Story" for the first time tonight and I was impressed and moved to tears several times. "Cry Me A River" did just that to me. It was an old standard from the 1940s, but it seemed like it was was written with Susan in mind.

I find it great that someone could express themselves with superb music rather than formula MTV rock songs of the 21st century. Susan's first album went platinum faster than any other first album without the help of a"Big Sexy MTV Music Video".

Susan Boyle's story shows that artisic and personal success can come at any time or any age if a person follows his/her dreams.

In some ways, she is similar to Canada's Rita MacNeil.

Both Rita and Susan put their life into their music. This is not only inspirational for me but for millions of others around the world.

Posted by qualteam at 11:24 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 18 October 2010 11:26 PM EDT
Wednesday, 13 October 2010
Internet Comic Of The Year: Ray William Johnson


Sooner or later the internet would create stars of its own. This has happened with Ray William Johnson who gets million of hits on his podcasts.

The above podcast is probably, the best of his many entries which can be found on Facebook and Youtube. "The Sony D and Rum Video" is really a celebration of creative uploading and mixing. I found it both compelling and very funny.

Other podcasts that were entertaining included a singing communist with a leer, two black guys doing bad rap/dancing, a DJ cat, and some bloopers from TV shows.

Please be advised that Ray's humor is mature and risqué and some may find it offensive. Three Stars.

I checked out another internet spoof show: Websoup and it doesn't cut it. Two thumbs down.


Posted by qualteam at 10:38 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 13 October 2010 11:04 PM EDT

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