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Monday, 22 March 2004
Interesting Kinds Of Hells
As predicted, "Dawn Of The Dead" is number one at the box office this week. Obviously, zombies in a shopping mall is an interesting type of hell, but there are some other fascinating hells below for the adventurous soul:

1. The Garbage World(which is full of ugly ETs) 2. The Planet Marcab(full of Nazi-like aliens)3. The "Black Hole Civilization"(at the center of earth)
4. The Ice Planet(cold as hell so why would you go there?) 5. The Grave Robbing Planet(some habits are hard to break) 6. The Gehenna Funhouse(a place where you can fight any demonic evil imaginable)
If you have an unusual and scary hell of your own, feel free to communicate it to me. Maybe we can make a movie out of it.

Posted by qualteam at 10:41 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 22 March 2004 10:45 PM EST
Sunday, 21 March 2004
Friendship Prayer
May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of the person who screws up your day and may their arms be too short to scratch.
Fun Political Cartoons

Posted by qualteam at 9:21 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 21 March 2004 9:50 PM EST
Friday, 19 March 2004
Movie Review 65: The Original
In this version, zombies had a tendency to hang around shopping malls("Shop Till You Drop?") and look for fast food of the human variety.

Lots of fun ways were used to kill these undead buggers.

Sometimes scary, sometimes funny, sometimes stupid.
Three stars. It's highly likely this movie will be number one at the boxoffice over the weekend.
Old Dawn Of The Dead
New Dawn Of The Dead

Posted by qualteam at 7:52 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 7 April 2004 5:48 PM EDT
Thursday, 18 March 2004
The Sequel To "The Passion Of The Christ"
Here are two suggestions that I could write a screenplay for:
1. "Jesus Returns To The Q Continuum"
2. "Triumph Of The Jedi Master"

If you're following my series of blog entries on this subject, you'll know where I'm coming from. Anyone who is capable of "Quantum Leaping" can certainly change his environment to the film realities of the 21st century.

Such a sequel might be the largest grossing movie of all time. Do you think it will ever come to be?
Give me some feedback on this issue.

Star Trek's "Q"
The Star War's Saga

Dictionary Definition Of Quantum Leap

Posted by qualteam at 5:25 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 19 March 2004 8:00 PM EST
Wednesday, 17 March 2004
Movie Review 64: Darby O'Gill And The Little People
This is probably the best movie you'll ever see about Ireland and leprechauns. I found it very entertaining and unusual. Since I'm half spirit and half Irish, I guess the subject matter is meaningful to me. Three and a half stars. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

More Reviews On Darby O'Gill And The Little People

Posted by qualteam at 6:58 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 17 March 2004 10:52 PM EST
Tuesday, 16 March 2004
What Is The Basic Nature Of Man?
The true essence of Man is probably as mysterious as God himself. Self discovery can be a long and difficult journey.

1. The Movie Ghost 2. Native American Spirituality 3. The Paranormal 4. Eckankar(Soul Travelling) 5. Another Name For The Soul

Posted by qualteam at 10:57 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 16 March 2004 11:14 PM EST
Monday, 15 March 2004
Jesus Christ Is Still Number One
For the third week in a row, the power and mystery of Christ's crucifixion continues to dominate the box office.

"The Passion Of The Christ" is only the tip of the iceberg.

Jesus called himself "The Door." After going through this door, perhaps, you'll discover things about yourself and life that you never knew before.

I Am The Door
Self Awareness

Posted by qualteam at 9:33 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 15 March 2004 10:23 PM EST
Sunday, 14 March 2004




Posted by qualteam at 3:53 PM EST
What Is New Age Christianity? Part 2
New Age Christianity can integrate traditional biblical information with New Age concepts and even Science Fiction: Check out the links below on resurrected and superior bodies: 1. Resurrected Bodies 2. Android World 3. The Resurrection Of Christ 4. "Data" Of Star Trek 5. A.I. Artificial Intelligence(The Movie)

Anyone need a new head?

Posted by qualteam at 3:12 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 14 March 2004 3:35 PM EST
Saturday, 13 March 2004
What Is New Age Christianity?
Well, it certainly isn't old age Christianity that demonized those who disagreed with it.

I don't believe that any one religion has a monopoly on the truth.

Although Christianity started quite well in the first century AD, it drifted into authoritarian dogmatism after the apostles left. The primitive view of Earth at the center of the universe and a heaven above and a hell below lasted well into the 16th century.

Various Catholic councils from the 5th to the 9th centuries ruled on what was orthodox and what was heresy(e.g. past lives).

Martin Luther took the Christian Church out of the box for awhile, but Christianity went back to selling "Afterlife Insurance" rather than personal enlightenment. Below are more views on where Christianity has come from and where it's going:

1. Past Lives 2. New Age Christianity 3. Is It The End Of Churchianity? 4. The Mormon Planet Of Kolob 5. Creationism Versus Evolution 6. The Names Of God 7. A History Of The Christian Church

Posted by qualteam at 9:20 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 14 March 2004 2:39 PM EST

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