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Sunday, 11 January 2004
The Mousetrap Closes In Toronto
The longest running play in North America will close on Thursday/15/2004 after 8500 performances. The same Agatha Christie play has also been running in London England since 1952 for more than 21,000 performance. Other long running crime mystery plays in North American are "Sheer Madness" in Boston(over 10,000 performances)and "The Perfect Crime" in New York(over 6,900 performances)

Without a doubt, the mystery crime genre is very popular with all kinds of audiences. Our screenplay shares many of the quirky mysteries of the above thrillers with some weird ones of its own.

Mysteries and whodunits are fun, so have an interesting experience solving the mysteries in the above plays and Hotel California/Area 53. Who knows where the adventure will take you.
The London Mousetrap
The Perfect Crime
Sheer Madness

The Easy Hotel California Quiz
The Master Detective's Quiz

Posted by qualteam at 8:55 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 11 January 2004 10:03 PM EST
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Saturday, 10 January 2004
Tripod And Google Update
Our webpages can now be edited with Netscape. This was communicated to me(Dave Barron)a few days ago after a month of complaints to Tripod support.

Google seems to have changed its ranking system to those who pay for the service. Most of our sites are lower in ranking because we don't pay Google to advertise with them. However, "The Barron Blog" is still number one, mostly, because I'm the only Barron in the world with a weblog called The Barron Blog.

Please take the poll below:

Posted by qualteam at 6:28 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 10 January 2004 6:57 PM EST
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Friday, 9 January 2004
Top Ten Lines From Cartoons, TV And Commericals
1. "That's All Folks"/Porky Pig 2. "What's Up Doc?"/Bugs Bunny 3. "Ain't Got No Cow, Man"/The Simpsons 4. "No Soup For You"/Seinfeld 5. "Where's The Beef?"/Wendy's Commerical 6. "Hey, Little Buddy"/Gilligan's Island 7. "One Of These Days, Alice, Right To The Moon...Bang...Zoom"/The Honeymooners 8. "You Bet Your Sweet Bibby"/Laugh In 9. "Rabba Dabba Doo"/The Flintstones 10. "Holy Mackerel, Andy"/Amos And

Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny, The Honeymooners, Laugh In, The Flintstones, "Where's The Beef", The Amos And Andy Show

Posted by qualteam at 10:27 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 10 January 2004 6:36 PM EST
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Thursday, 8 January 2004
The Ten Top Things That Are Frowned Upon In Ontario
Mood:  irritated
1. Dwarf Tossing Contests 2. Female Mud Wrestling 3. Bum Fights 4. Singing In Blackface As Al Jolson 5. Singing Randy Newman's "Short People" At A Midget Convention 6. Being A Male And Taking Your Homosexual Boyfriend To The Prom 7. Going Bottomless As Well As Topless On The Street 8. Running With A Fork In Your Hand 9. Trumping Your Partner's Ace 10. Playing With A Deck That Is Missing A Few Cards

More Crazy Top Ten Lists

Posted by qualteam at 9:48 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 8 January 2004 9:54 PM EST
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Wednesday, 7 January 2004
The Founder Of "The Web" Is Knighted
Mood:  bright
Tim Berners-Lee is hardly a household name, but he deserves our recognition. He's the person who invented "The World Wide Web." Read what he said about the Internet in 1989:

"Suppose all the information stored on computers everywhere were linked, I thought," Berners-Lee wrote in his 1999 memoir, Weaving the Web. "Suppose I could program my computer to create a space in which every computer at CERN, and on the planet, would be available to me and to anyone else. There would be a single, global information space."

Mr. Berners-Lee never profited from his cyberspace invention. He wanted to create a global village for the good of mankind.

More On Tim Berners-Lee

Posted by qualteam at 10:34 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 7 January 2004 10:14 PM EST
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Tuesday, 6 January 2004
Joke Of The Week
Mood:  d'oh
Q:What do you say to a prostitute when you first meet?
A:"Whore are you?"
Feel lucky? Take our dumb quiz.
You Zen Me

Posted by qualteam at 10:42 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 6 January 2004 10:46 PM EST
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Monday, 5 January 2004
Starting The New Year On The Right Foot
I wish you a day of ordinary miracles-
A fresh pot of coffee you didn't have to make yourself. An unexpected phone call from an old friend. Green stoplights on your way to work or shop. I wish you a day of little things to rejoice in...The fastest line at the grocery store. A good sing along song on the radio. Your keys right where you look. I wish you a day of Peace, Happiness and Joy.

Another Happy New Year's Message

Posted by qualteam at 10:44 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 6 January 2004 10:53 PM EST
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Saturday, 3 January 2004
An Unforgettable Cribbage Game
Mood:  happy
On the day before his birthday, my brother-in-law and partner received a 28 hand to win our second and final game against our wives. This is the first time that I've seen this hand. My brother-in-law(Joe Noseworthy)who is turning 60 tomorrow has only seen these hands three times in a lifetime. One can go three or four lifetimes without experiencing a perfect 29 hand, so I'm not waiting around until then to report a great cribbage hand.

Only God can deliver perfection, but may I wish you seven or eight 28 hands in very big games where you come from behind and win.
More Great Cribbage Sites

Posted by qualteam at 11:24 PM EST
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Friday, 2 January 2004
Work, Work, Work
Mood:  don't ask
Believe it or not, there's still some mail hanging around from the Christmas rush. I'm continuing to work all the overtime I can. Hopefully, I'll end up a few bucks ahead and not like this guy below.

Maybe I need some rabbit poo-tea to give me a lift.

Rabbit Poo Tea For What Ails You

Posted by qualteam at 11:29 PM EST
Updated: Friday, 2 January 2004 11:35 PM EST
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Thursday, 1 January 2004
The Worse Interview Of 2003.
Mood:  down
Who? Don Cherry, a TV hockey commentator in Canada

Q: What is the biggest misconception about you?
A: A lot of people think that I don't have any brains. What I have is street smarts, like a construction worker. You never hear about a construction worker committing suicide. Murder, yeah, but not suicide.
Who Or What Is Don Cherry?

Posted by qualteam at 11:03 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 1 January 2004 10:45 PM EST
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