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Wednesday, 6 June 2007
Comment And Answer From My June/04/07 Blog Entry

During the recent Canadian postal contract dispute, I received many critical comments on my support of "The Tentative Agreement" which became the new CUPW/CPC four year contract.

It was refreshing to receive a positive comment on a post called "Haven't We Met On Another Planet Before"? I have to publish my reply as a blog entry because I can't reply to any comment in "The Tripod Blog Comment Box". 

Here's the original comment from Mark:

Hi - I'm also ordained in this mostly non-physical order, and talk with the Chief on a regular basis.  He asks for it to be spelled more like the original pronunciation Melekzedek (Milik Tasddiq would be closest, but too hard to type all the time.)   The mind-meld thing is interesting, isn't it!  I've been doing that for around 2 years now, and it's really, like, "that's how we should have always have been thinking!"  It's oddly familiar when it happens, and I can't wait till it's a 24/7 state for me.  My communications with M, as well as others, happens mostly as psychograhic typing, and the lessons I receive this way are phenomenal.  His healing energies, including frequencies, colors, and just plain thought-forming, are tremendous.  I've been doing healing work local and long-distance with Melekzedek for around 5 years, and it blows my mind the strength of his energies, and the way th! at all those in this organization assist so generiously in our development and in helping us heal, at all levels/layers.  Hope to link with you sometime!"


Here's my reply:

Hi Mark,

"This is like writing to an apostle.
It's great that you've connected with this brotherhood. I like to refer to it as a spiritual brotherhood rather than a priesthood order.
You've definitely developed your abilities far more than me. Healing at a distance, very good.
I've been in Christianity since it started. I should be more spiritually advanced than I am now. I suffer from something called "Demonic Personality Disorder". Don't ask me to explain it. Most of the time it's controlled.
There are some things I can talk about relating to "heavenly realities" and there are other things that are confidential that I can't talk about.
Are you familiar with the eternal worlds of Christ like "Christmas World," "Graceworld" and the various "Earth Continuums" through the centuries? Basically, these are big comfort zones for believers (i.e. "The Children Of The Kingdom")
I get emotional when I start to talk about this stuff. It was a big loss reincarnating on Earth. I screwed up good. I got a second chance. It's confidential. I can't talk about that problem.
I'm not a big promoter of "heavenly comfort zones". I believe in spiritual empowerment leading to improved spiritual stewardship in various areas of the human condition.
There are big challenges on Earth: pollution, terrorism, poverty, government secrecy, etc. If anyone thinks of himself as a heavy hitter in the spiritual world, he should apply his powers and his energies to problems on Earth.
The crusade is on. There's no retreat and no surrender until it's over....over there on the dirt ball called Earth."

The History Of Melchizedek

The Gnostic Society Library

The Dominion Of Melchizedek

Posted by qualteam at 12:56 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 6 June 2007 1:27 PM EDT

Thursday, 7 June 2007 - 4:13 PM EDT

Name: h1833522
Home Page:

If you are a film buff and like talking about films, check out this event.  It’s this Sunday at the Drake Hotel, put on by First Weekend Club, that group of Canadian film enthusiast who are trying to build awareness about good Canadian cinema.  The event they are hosting is free if you go see the film they are supporting, Love is Work by Toronto filmmaker Johnny Kalangis.


TalkBack: A Film Artist Salon is back at The Drake Hotel for an afternoon of intimate conversations with some of Toronto’s finest talent! In support of the award winning film Love is Work FWC is proud to present a unique Talkback event with the filmmakers and stars of this much talked about film. Our featured guests include director Johnny Kalangis, producer Christopher Binney and actors Natalie Radford (Guy Terrifico), Scott McCord (The 11th Hour), Meredith Vuchnich (Jack & Jill) and Ryan Mcvittie (Blood and Straw).

Our host, Richard Crouse (Reel to Reel), will lead our featured guests into a discussion about the making of Love is Work while exploring the actor/director relationship. A la the popular Bravo! TV series Inside the Actors Studio, TalkBack is a groundbreaking series of live events that gets close and personal with our featured guests.

Admission is FREE with proof of purchase (movie ticket stub) from one of the opening weekend screenings of Love is Work, playing at Canada Square (check local listings for screening times). Without a movie ticket stub, door admission is $10.00. Seats are limited, so it is recommended to RSVP to to guarantee your spot.

The event takes place at The Drake Hotel (1150 Queen Street) on Sunday, June 10th 2007, 1:00 PM.

Sunday, 3 August 2008 - 7:14 PM EDT

Name: "Mark"

Hi!  I was checking out the new search engine,, and came across your site, and read a post i made a year ago, but never saw your response!!  Yes, i too have stuff that i can write, and things that I'm not allowed to post (most of it.)  I think it's something that has to do with preparation to be capable to write the things that I'll be receiving, someday, when i'm really prepared, and the writing is of the level that is allowable for publishing.

I'm not familiar with the worlds that you mentioned, but I'm going to try and see if i can find them, during meditation, and let you know what happens, must be marvelous!  I go to somewhere like an ashram (but it's prefered to be just called a "Space") where i encounter the masters who work with me, serve us in this grand prrocess that's unfolding, in which my contribution is continually reviewed and adjusted based on my capacity to serve, and to govern the life i've been given here in this place we're hanving out in.

And yes, it's all about service to the planet, though healing of others and assisting them in becoming clearer of their own purposes, as well as working directly with organizations involved in planetary renewal, which i've been invovled with for a long time, love that stuff!

Hope you're still well, a year or so later, let's see how it goes this time, i'll hope to get your reply, if you post one, and let's see how things have progressed for you this last year. 

All the best,


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