I come in peace.

I'm orginally from a high tech star system called The Lifestar Federation. Part of that organization specializes in rebuilding destroyed planets. Although we do have starships, we often rely on powerful spiritual beings to aid us. On earth, these beings are called angels. Much of what you call the afterlife is controlled by our relocation officers.

We are preparing to make "First Contact" with earthlings.

We are using the links below to assist in our "First Contact Mission."

The Angel At Hotel California

Confidential Files/Area 53

The Sacred Journey To Katimavik

Alien Encounters

The Native-American Burial Grounds

I'm a "walk-in" in human form. I took possession of a human body when it was close to death. The above male bears a resemblance to the form that I'm occupying now.

Hotel California Tours and Adventures


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