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Thursday, 28 September 2017
Full Disclosure Of The Shadow Government

The Shadow Government was originally referred to by President Eisenhauer as The Military Industrial Complex. Part of the intelligence apparatus for this mystery organization was created in 1947 as the CIA, NSA, and other autonomous, secretive bodies.  Later MJ12 was secretly created to monitor the activity of UFOs and ETs. Added to the above was the banking establishment that financed both sides of WW2. 

Most of the political and financial power brokers meet every year in "The Bilderberg Group" to decide the direction the world should go in that year.  

With the increasing power and secrecy of the CIA and other intelligence agencies, President Kennedy became very alarmed and gave a speech about openness and secret societies. 

One of the first books to illustrate the power of the military/industrial/intelligence complex was the Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg. Despite profound reservations about participating in the Vietnam conflict by various presidents including Eisenhauer, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. The presidents got more and more immersed in it. Transcripts and recordings by some presidents illustrated this in the documentary, "The Vietnam War". Without a doubt, there were no humanitarians in charge of this bloody war.

It was simply a money-making venture for all those capitalists who profit enormously by arming the military. 

Later on, the Pentagon would preach perpetual warfare.  

Most of us want more peace, love and forgiveness on Earth.

We don't want to be held hostage by the warmongers who profit from war. 

It is time for Full Disclosure of "The Shadow Government" and its evil, covert, secretive activities. 

Another view of "The Shadow Government" and the desire to create a hive mentally in the population. 



Posted by qualteam at 3:39 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 25 November 2017 1:17 PM EST
Saturday, 9 September 2017
Prepare For Full Disclosure Of The Evidence

In legal terms, "disclosure" is the presentation of the evidence to the interested parties concerning the indictments being handed down.

Because these crimes have been covered up for so long, it is necessary for Full Disclosure to be broadly based and include ETs who have knowledge of criminal activity on or near Earth.  

Subpoenas will be sent out to positive ETs in the local area asking them to tell what they know about crimes against humanity from "The Shadow Earth Government" and other negative ETs operating on Earth for some time.  

There is evidence certain groups of ETs are going to broaden their contact base. Take a peek at what they look like.

Friendly first contact with most humans can be successfully achieved.  

Disinformation campaigns through authorized channels must come to an end.  Obstruction of justice and smear campaigns will not be tolerated. What is required is "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth". "There is nothing hidden that won't be revealed".


Posted by qualteam at 9:40 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 9 September 2017 10:31 PM EDT
Wednesday, 9 August 2017
Let's Help Create A Positive Future For Mankind

This meditation is being held on Aug/21/17 at 11.11 A.M. PST.  It was created by Corey Goode and Cobra. Both Corey and Cobra have help from benevolent ETs called the Blue Avians and The Resistance.

All those involved want to bring positive changes that would include Full Disclosure of the ET contacts with planet Earth, new technology that would bring about free energy, healing, ways to produce food on a global level, a fairer financial system and a planet free from pollution/global warming.  Added to this is an Event which will take down the cabal and arrest them for crimes against humanity.

There are suppose to be energetic shifts this year that will raise mankind's consciousness. From my point of view, I look at this as God's Spirit being poured out on all humanity at the end of an age.  

Over the last two years, many of my blog entries have been oriented in bringing positive humans and positive ETs together for the liberation and healing of human beings on Earth. The Mass Meditation of Aug/21/17 is a good first step in that direction. 



Posted by qualteam at 9:55 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 14 August 2017 5:44 AM EDT
Friday, 28 July 2017
First Contact Revisited

My first attempt at a "First Contact Scenario" was the warm and fuzzy blog: "First Contact Day In The Near Future". Many of the initiatives in that blog still hold true. Any ET group approaching mankind has to appreciate what is good and creative about human culture. 

This blog entry gets closer to the realities of "The Galaxy Federation" through the visualization of  Star Trek's "Federation of Planets.  There isn't a huge difference between these federations.

One of the purposes of Star Trek was the disclosure of the alien presence amongst us.  Gene Roddenberry was an insider on "The Secret Space Program" and developed "The United Federation of Planets" from that. 

Mankind is undergoing preparation for a "Full Disclosure Event". Corey Goode and Cobra are two of the new age prophets warning us about future ET/Secret Space Program events. 

I produced several blog entries on just how "First Contact" could be peacefully achieved.  Check out: "A Battleplan for Full Disclosure".

Originally, I was ok about ETs showing up in their own vehicles and uniforms. However, there will be a greater reality on a Galaxy Federation when the aliens along with Secret Space Program personnel show up with Star Fleet starships and Starfleet uniforms.

Invited are the positive ETs who contacted Corey, Cobra and 20 other human beings. First Contact starts to look like another episode of Star Trek. If attacks are threatened by the U.S. military or other countries, these will have to handled immediately without collateral damage. 
As a good will gesture, I suggest that those who are suffering from conditions and illnesses that the medical profession can't handle should get teleported to a safe place where their medical condition would get handled. The Blue Avians could assist in this project.  The humans would, of course, be returned after they've been healed of their infirmities.

After the mass arrests of those implicated in crimes against humanity, murder, slavery, brainwashing, and pedophilia, the Star Trek generation will commence to heal and educate the population of Earth.   


Posted by qualteam at 12:18 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 31 July 2017 6:23 PM EDT
Sunday, 11 June 2017
Bringing An End To War And Criminality On Planet Earth

We are prepared for the Second Coming of Christ to take over and become the de facto Government of the Earth.  There has to be a Law Enforcement and Judicial System in place that can take out all the human and ET criminals very quickly and try them for their crimes against humanity. Once the suppression and oppression are lifted from Earth, healing can occur for the rest of humanity. 

This police action has been in the planning stages for more than 2000 years. As a previous Law Enforcement Officer for the Extraterrestrial Church of Christ, I’m ready for the raid and mass arrests. That’s “My Revelation” on The Event.


Posted by qualteam at 1:23 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 11 June 2017 1:24 PM EDT
Saturday, 17 December 2016
After First Contact, What Is Next ?

After the warm and fuzzy "First Contact Period" is finished, mankind will be vaccinated with a good shot of the truth about ETs and Secret Space Programs over the last 70 year or so. The three main ones are the Nazi SSPs, the American SSPs and ET SSPs also called Federations. Also, we have to look at ET contact and agreements that have been made with aliens and government officials over the same time period.

This is a lot to have on anyone's plate, but many on Earth have asked for "Full Disclosure" and that's what they are going to get.

 "A Battle Plan for Full Disclosure"  is being prepared.

There are those who claim they have channeled different types of ETs, like "Ashtar", "Bashar" Ascended Masters, and "RA" from "The Law of One Materials" . Because there has been interference on these communication lines from disinformation "Voice of God" agents and rogue Agarthans, it is time to separate the lies from the truth. "There is nothing hidden that won't be revealed".

I think things will work out this way. 1. Partial Disclosure 2. First Contact With More Than One ET Group 3. Full Accountability With Full Disclosure 



Posted by qualteam at 4:17 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 22 December 2016 2:06 PM EST
Saturday, 19 November 2016
Avoiding Collateral Damage

When nations engage in war, they create a great deal of collateral damage. This is not justice but punishment. We can see how badly this is happening in Syria

If you read the entry just before this one, you can see that "The Galactic Police Force" would attempt to isolate the bad guys from the good guys and take them into custody. 

Gort, the galactic policeman (See the last blog.), would be able to target the weapon systems of the combatants and disintegrate them. 

The Police Force would also have to take out nuclear and extraterrestrial weapons that might be used against them or the human race.

The police force has the most advanced psychotronic weapons in the galaxy. It's literally fitted to attack certain types of adversaries like destructive AIs and negative ETs.

Humans would not be harmed by this weapon. Against AI it would act like a virus. Against other adversaries,  it would collect images of what they wanted to do to others and then boomerang it back into their minds as strong delusions (You will reap what you sow). You might call this the Twilight Zone/Holodeck weapon.

The enemies of mankind may try to use parts of mankind like hostages or human shields. It takes intelligent planning to get around this and take out the enemy without harming the hostages like in the TV series "Flashpoint"

Joan Baez's I Shall Be Released 

Michael Jackson's Heal The World 

Bob Marley's One Love 


Posted by qualteam at 10:22 AM EST
Updated: Thursday, 24 November 2016 12:16 PM EST
Sunday, 6 November 2016
The Long Arm Of Galactic Law Enforcement

In the original movie, "The Day The Earth Stood Still" mankind was warned about exporting nuclear weapons to outer space. This was against Galactic Law and if continued a robot enforcer like "Gort" above would stop it.

All nations have a legal system that classifies some activities as criminal behavior. A good example is "The Canadian Justice Code". All civilized societies on Earth follow the principle of "Rule of Law". No ruler or governing body is above the law and this was stated 1000 years ago in "The Magna Carta". 

A legal system on a Galactic level would be similar to the ones on Earth, but it would probably focus on crimes that are difficult to enforce on a terrestrial level. These would be:

  1. Human Slavery on other planets
  2. Mass murder of populations/genocide and murder
  3. Mind Control of Populations
  4. Human abduction and kidnapping without consent by aliens or military personnel.
  5. Impeding judicial procedures and investigations of crimes against humanity.
  6. Plans for depopulating the planet.
  7. Suppressing inventions that would assist humanity.
  8. Monopolistic control of financial and corporate businesses by a small elite.
  9. Public disinformation campaigns on UFOs and ufologists.
  10. Making illegal agreements with extraterrestrials without public knowledge or oversight. 
  11. Unacknowledged black operations that have cost the U.S. trillions of dollars.
  12. The theft of human DNA by "extraterrestrial farmers".
  13. Creating highly destructive wars and conspiracy to create more highly destructive wars without consideration of the collateral damage.
There is much that the cabal and their extraterrestrial friends have to answer for. There is no escape route even in Antarctica. They can run, but they can't hide.
P.S. Please enjoy this song about creating a better world: Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World 



Posted by qualteam at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 20 November 2016 1:00 PM EST
Wednesday, 12 October 2016
The Awakening/The Apocalypse/The Harvest/The Millennium

These are my views on Jesus and "The Brotherhood of Christ" regarding awakening humanity and preparing us for "The Second Coming of Christ".  Since I've been a young lad, I've been obsessed in finding out what "The Extraterrestrial Church" has been doing for the last two thousand years. This included mysteries about "The Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Christ". 

There are no enforced mysteries in Christianity. It's clearly stated in the Bible: "Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you".

The UFO community communicates about energetic waves that raise consciousness.  I relate this to Christ's Ascension and seven waves of divine energy that has been poured on humanity since then. Its purpose was and still is to awaken humans to their own spirituality and the hope of a better life in the future:


  1. The original empowering of believers at Pentecost. This enabled the apostles and other Christians to preach the Gospel to the world. This was known as "The Great Commission".
  2. Martin Luther founded Protestantism basically on "The Priesthood of The Believer" . This is a direct connection between the believer and God without going through an ordained priest.
  3. The next great wave was "The Renaissance" which produced a greater understanding of man and technology through geniuses like Shakespeare and Leonardo Da Vinci. Inspired knowledge didn't have to go through the priesthood of a church. 
  4. The next wave came through Joseph Smith and The Mormons. There were problems relaying information about "The History of the Extraterrestrial Church" and the mysteries of "The Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ". The history part was communicated in "The Book of Mormon" and improved knowledge of Christ was handled with "The Baptism of the Dead". This was like a "Vulcan Mind Meld". The death and resurrection of Christ ended up in the subconscious of the person. When a person swears, you can see this coming out.
  5. Late in the 19th century, some believers discovered that spiritual empowerment was still available to Christians. Many found they could have a personal encounter and/or relationship with Jesus. This became "The Pentecostal Movement".
  6. It is unfortunate that many in the Christian church were still shackled to religious dogma and medieval visions of Heaven and Hell in the 20th century. Extraterrestrials were broadly demonized by fundamentalists. Knowledge of the universe was reduced to 6000 biblical years and ETs were either angels or demons. Into this boxed reality, inspiration was given to sci-fi writers like Gene RoddenberryIssac AsimovRichard MathesonRod Sterling, L. Ron Hubbard and Arthur Clark. As well as inspired Sci/FiRock and Roll music helped mankind to vibrate at a higher more youthful level than ever before.
  7. The seventh wave which is going on now is more physical in origin. It appears to come from the center of the galaxy and the sun. It could produce extremes in behavior. However, I must emphasize that a true pouring out of God's Spirit would only produce good results.

Many Christians view "The Apocalypse/Tribulation" as terrible times which will happen on the Earth to just about everybody. If things got too bad, Christians would have to be beamed up (Raptured).
I would like to point out that Jesus was more interested in forgiveness, truth, justice and accountability than punishment. "Father forgive them because they don't know what they're doing". "Whatever is hidden will be revealed". "Whatever measure you use to judge others. It will be measured back to you""To whom much is given, much will be expected."
The people of Earth are imprisoned by lies and darkness from the negative ETs and the cabal. The solution is Full Disclosure, the complete truth about ETs, hidden technology, and crimes against humanity. "Know the truth and the truth will set you free." This "lifting of the veil" will be a mass awakening and a liberation for many.

Jesus uses a good parable about the end-of-the-world harvest in the Bible. Please check it out.
When it is time to separate the good guys from the bad guys on or near Earth, it is highly likely the bad guys will not come willingly. This will necessitate the use of psionic weapons to incapacitate the enemy from harming Earth .
Collateral damage will be avoided by teleporting humans off the Earth during the conflict.

When the thousand-year Millenium begins, great healing will spread across the Earth. Then, mankind will be taught the truthful history of the Earth, the Galaxy, and the Universe.
Past life traumas will be handled for all.
The Star Trek reality of a new age will finally be achieved.
As it was in the beginning, is now and every more shall be, world without end.






Posted by qualteam at 11:08 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 11 November 2016 10:41 AM EST
Sunday, 18 September 2016
Full Disclosure Requires Teamwork From ETs

It's time for ETs in different ET groups to come forward and form "The Non-Terrestrial Brotherhood for Full Disclosure On Earth". They would be committed to communicating the full truth of the alien presence in our solar system over the last 100 or more years.

They would be working as a team with "The Secret Space Alliance" on the massive data dumps to the media, release of advanced technology and the arrests of the cabal for crimes against humanity. They would also give protection to the Earth and its population from suicidal attacks from the reptilians and their allies.

The ideal "First Contact" scenario or scenarios would be agreed upon and implemented. 

Once the above game plan is in place, then other initiatives like mass ascension, recruitment of souls into a designated ET groups, experiments with human DNA, and feel-good contactee sessions would end and/or get put on the back burner. 

Dealing with the suppression over the Earth and the Earth population takes priority. Humans are confused, sick and fearful from the manipulation through lies from the cabal/reptilian connection  who profit from human misery. 

It should be well known that all humans and ETs are accountable for service to "the least of the brethren"(poor human beings) on Earth or the lack of it. 

Many ET groups have conducted DNA experiments that have not resulted in any significant improvement in the physical or mental health of human beings. The RA ET group has failed on numerous occasions to produce any significant amount of ascended beings from their "Law of One Materials". As it states in the Bible, "To whom much is given will much be required."

We are all accountable for our acts in the universe and on Earth. We must ask for forgiveness from God and make amends to humanity by becoming part of the A-team for Full Disclosure.

What will it be? Teamwork for a common humanitarian goal or "The Day of Lord"? 


 KD Lang's Hallelujah   




Posted by qualteam at 12:05 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 10 November 2016 11:18 AM EST

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