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Wednesday, 21 November 2012
Something To Cheer About, The Toronto Argos Are In The 100th Annniversary Grey Cup

It's been a dismal year for Toronto fans, the Leafs were out of the playoffs for the seventh straight year, the Raptors were toothless and the Blue Jays gave up half way throught the season. Added to this is the on going "NHL Lockout" that doesn't show any signs of ending.

Fortunately, the "Argo Bounce" was on their side last Sunday.

Like a Hollywood screenplay, the Argos find themselves at home for the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Football League's championship.

Incredibly, the Argos (9 wins and 9 losses) with more points scored against them than points scored  made it to the Grey Cup finals. 

This team has some genuine all stars like quarterback, Ricky Ray and running back Chad Owens.

Through the years, I've never been a great CFL football fan, but this year, I've jumped on the bandwagon because the Argo are there at the right time and right place.

The Jays are rebuilding for next year and I'm boycotting the NHL.

The Toronto Argonauts are something to cheer about.

Posted by qualteam at 10:48 PM EST
Wednesday, 14 November 2012
Ten Good Reasons To Boycott The NHL

By boycott, I mean not going to games, not watching games on television, not buying team logo merchandise. This should go on for at least six months to two years depending on the length of the lockout.

Fans would be expressing their displeasure with negotiations by not greasing the palms of the owners or players for quite awhile. Please check out the boycott websites on Tweeter and Facebook.

Here are my top ten reasons for this boycott:

  1. Both owners and players have the arrogance to think that fans will run back to the NHL just like sheep.
  2. Both the owners and players have been playing "the blame game" rather than finding compromises in bargaining. This reminds me of CUPW negotiations with Canada Post.
  3. Retired players seem to be shut out of negotiations.
  4. There seems to be little concern about the little guys (like team staffs, restaurant people, vendors, etc) who make a living from hockey.
  5. The NHL seems obsessed with propping up weak franchises like Phoenix and the Islanders while ignoring places like Seattle, The Greater Toronto Area and Quebec where interest in hockey is high.
  6. The greatness of the game and its history has deteriorated into a greedy money grab by both the owners and players.
  7. Hockey is more than a business. Like soccer, it's played and watched with a passion by many players and fans in many countries.
  8. The number of hockey teams should be reduced with more quality players on each team. Do you remember the "Original Six"?
  9. NHL teams should be owned by individuals who want to deliver the most entertaining product available at a reasonable price.
  10. Players contracts should be capped at 3 years with performance incentives. 

Fans should also insist on lower prices for tickets and a better home team before attending games. This would apply for a team like the Toronto Maple Leafs who haven't made the playoffs in seven years.

Posted by qualteam at 3:27 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 14 November 2012 4:25 PM EST
Sunday, 11 November 2012
The Remembrance Day Song
A few years ago, I discovered this "Remembrance Day Song". In its own unique way, it moves you almost as much as "Flanders Fields". 
Veterans who have sacrificed so much for our sake deserve respect and a bit of our time.

Posted by qualteam at 1:59 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 11 November 2012 2:04 PM EST
Tuesday, 6 November 2012
Full Tilt Poker Returns Today

After a year and a half, "Full Tilt Poker" has finally come back to life. During the summer, it was bought by "Poker Stars", the biggest online poker website in the world.

True to their word all of my money was in my account at Full Tilt. I was even able to put some of it in my Poker Stars account.

While I enjoy online poker, this year as been a losing one for me (not big), because so many hands depend on coin flips and I was on the down side of many a flip.

Poker is about 10% skill and 90% luck. It's an easy game to learn and to master. Trouble is there are thousands and thousands of players in every country of world who have "mastered" online poker. Then there are the lucky donkeys who will bad beat you sometimes and/or often.

Money management is the most important thing to learn in poker. Only play in games that have stakes  5% or less of your gambling payroll. Gambling is only entertaining when you know your limit and play within it.

It's much better to play poker in a poker room than on a computer. It's more social and you can read players better.

I'm in favour of a casino in Toronto, because there are few poker tournaments or cash games in the GTA. Canadians play a lot of online poker, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind visiting Toronto for a big game rather than Las Vegas or Altantic City.

Both Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker have many cheap tournaments ($1 to $2 range) for the average player.

There's also free games for those who are gambling impaired or broke.


Posted by qualteam at 11:04 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 7 November 2012 3:02 PM EST
Friday, 2 November 2012
Are The Reptilians The Creepiest Aliens In The Galaxy?

There's a great deal of material concerning alien reptilians on the internet. There were many attempts to trace their roots through the Summerian records of the Annunaki.

In early Christianity, there were the Gnostics'  records and their insights into the dark forces called "The Archons" 

In actual fact, the ancient repitilians were natural predators trained in hand to hand combat. Many a warrior, could single handedly take on a Tyrannosaurus Rex with just a sword and kill it.

About 65 million years ago, their pray (the dinosaurs) and food supply were wiped out, by humanoids (Atlantians?). This led to the reptilians becoming even more warlike. They conquered and stole technologies from many races. This included genetic engineering tech, mind control devices and holodeck tech.

Abductees and psychics have stated that the reptilians and greys feed off the fear and negative emotions of humans.

In the "Star Trek Voyager Holodeck Nazi Program" above, the plan would be to induce as much fear as possible in the victum before the kill.

Some people like David Icke are very paranoid of reptilians and seem to see them everywhere. Check out the subject on YouTube.

Not all the reptilians were enslavers, Enki, an ancient Summerian god tried to bring knowledge and freedom to mankind. Apparently, he lost his battle for control of Earth from his brother Enlil. In some places, Enlil is referred to as Yahweh.

I don't believe that reptilians were shapeshifters (I may be wrong), but I do believe, they had thought amplifiers (like mental alternators) that could induce/create hypnotic suggestions or holograms at close range.

Human abductees' memories are/were valuable because they were short, with very intense emotions. For those who don't have much of a life like some ETs, these memories were probably like reality TV programs.

Posted by qualteam at 6:37 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 4 November 2012 1:11 PM EDT
Tuesday, 30 October 2012
The TV Series "Dark Skies"

I just watched the first episode of Dark Skies called "The Awakening". There are 18 episodes in all and some of them can be found on YouTube in 10 minutes segments.

Amazingly, the pilot dealt with many aspects of UFO and Government conspiracies. Those included: abductees Betty and Barney Hill, MJ12 Files, USA's Black Budget, The Kennedy Connection to UFOs, the greys, and the aliens behind the greys,

I found this story to be fascinating, suspenseful and even terrifying in its twist and turns.

I feel that too much was revealed at the beginning and it might be hard to surprise me in the rest of the episodes. 

For fans of The X files and realistic science fiction, I recommend this series very much. Three and half stars.

Posted by qualteam at 10:15 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 30 October 2012 10:50 PM EDT
Sunday, 28 October 2012
The End Of The Dinosaurs And The End Of Dinosaur Burgers

pics on Sodahead

There are many theories as to why the dinosaurs disappeared about 65 million years. Two of the most popular are the meteor crash in Mexico and/or many nuclear bombs at the same time. Both would have  blotted out the sun and created a devastating winter which killed the dinos.

There is evidence that dinosaur skeletons give off radiation, so I lean to the nuclear warfare scenario.

I find it hard to believe that dinosaurs developed into such huge creatures (some weighing 100 tons) without help. We all know that plant size can be increased by gene manipulation. Why not dinosaurs?

Millions of years ago, I can see the Earth as a farm for harvesting these creatures. Maybe, an alien fastfood chain were making "McDinosaur Burgers".

There is evidence that humanoids were around during the dinosaur era. Also, it's highly likely, they hunted dinosaurs like humans hunted elephants years ago.

The hunting ended when the dinosaurs were killed off during an intergalactic war.(Pleiadians vs Reptiles?)

Can you imagine the kind of comedy programs that could have come out of this war? Check out these TV finales.

Maybe, it was cool millions of years ago to kick butt in Dinosaurland, but now all we can do is listen to "Alley Oop" and remember the good old days.

Posted by qualteam at 9:41 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 29 October 2012 4:16 PM EDT
Friday, 26 October 2012
Ancient Aliens and Early Christianity

My study of ancient aliens has taken me back to early Christianity and the dead sea scrolls at Nag Hammadi. Particulary, these are the works of the Gnostics and their evil gods called "The Archons".

You might call the Gnostics the earliest ufologists. Their writings on alien incursions and mind control reminded me of the data collected on "The Annunaki" and "The Greys".

The information on the Archons was very scary because for thousands of years they seemed to be adversely influencing human behavior.

The above picture is a hologram of "Landru" from the original Star Trek episode "Return of the Archons". Because he's a computer program, he's able to exert near total control over his subjects. Much like many religions, dictators and some aliens.

Coming forward to present time we see the U.S. Government's coverup of alien activity. It's laughable that in a 1988 TV special two "whistleblowers", Falcon and Condor told the public that the Greys loved Tibetian music and strawberry icecearm. Perhaps, this was a covert attempt by the CIA to portray the aliens as something out of "E.T." and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", friendly/scientific and warm/fuzzy. This didn't work with me or many others in the UFO community. 

There's good and bad aliens like there's good and bad humans. Hopefully, we can make alliances with good guys and defeat the bad guys. 


Posted by qualteam at 4:44 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 26 October 2012 10:57 PM EDT
Thursday, 11 October 2012
Aliens 101

The universe is a big place and very old, but it is designed for life entities to live and play in. Needless to say, life entities come in many different forms that we would call extraterrestials today.

You really have to do some research to see who's in your immediate neighbourhood. Even Satan, could be put on one of these lists. It always helps to know the good guys from the bad guys.

Recently, I saw a press release in a UFO Digest that attempted to picture The Greys as friendly and helpful, but misunderstood. Some other subspecies was responsible for the abductions. Yabba Dabba Do and moon is made of green cheese.

Many of us are aware of the darker side of contact with aliens from ancient history to present time. It can be scary stuff. Fortunately, there are those who are dedicated to protecting weak and frightened  humans from alien enslavement.

It really is time for the US Government to disclose what it knows about aliens and UFOs. However, a pattern of secrecy has built up for many thousands of the years through the Freemasons, The Illuminati and religious groups. This is rule from the top to the bottom of pyramid.

The inner elite know the secrets, but those at the bottom don't know anything and they're manipulated to perceive what "the powers that be" want them to perceive.

Over the last few months, I'm done hundreds of hours of research on UFOs and aliens. The six recent blog entries and the many tweets below are part of this project.

The best videos, I've seen on aliens are "The Kennedy Files" and the Youtube video on "The Archons and Gnostics".

Halloween night is Oct/31, but in some parts of the US like the underground Dulce base, Halloween is every day of the year.


P.S. Alien linked websites are on the right side of this page under the heading "Best UFO Websites" (eleven, right now). 

Posted by qualteam at 1:57 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 23 October 2012 11:42 AM EDT
Sunday, 7 October 2012
The Pyramid Of UFO Secrecy

At the top of above pyramid, "the eye" is not the physical organ of sight, but the eye of the mind or the soul. This singular "eye" is called the "third eye" of clairvoyance in the Hindu religion, the eye of Osiris in Egypt, and the All-Seeing Eye in Freemasonry. (SOURCE: John Daniel, Scarlet and the Beast , Vol. III, pp. 6-7)

With regards to symbols of "secret societies", the above is probably the best known. Mainly this illustrates the organization of secret societies where the ones below don't know what the ones above know. Knowledge is power, so the ones at the top have the power, while the ones at the botton are controlled.

The Annunaki were the aliens who built the pyramids and probably, they were the first Freemasons as well.

However, little by little these secrets leaked out from sci/fi writers and whistle blowers.

The Freedom of Information act provided great data on President Kennedy's problems in getting CIA files on UFOs. The TV series, "Dark Skies" was based in part on secret government UFO documents.

There is also information on aliens from UFO abductees and individuals like Charles Hall and Thomas Costello who worked with aliens.

Like Star Trek's Captain Kirk, many of us want "to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before".

Lets keep moving up the pyriamid. "Seek and you will find". "Knock and the door will be opened to you".


Posted by qualteam at 1:16 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 8 October 2012 10:22 PM EDT

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