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Sunday, 20 August 2006
The CNE: A Canadian Tradition
Mood:  party time!

It's been 10 years since I last went to the "EX".

I started off badly at the Midway games which were too difficult for the coordinately challenged like myself. At the Casino, I broke even at "Blackjack" while Irene won $50. It's exciting to play as long as you don't lose too much money.

While the Human Cannonball was a brief interesting sideshow act, the IAMS Superdogs were genuinely entertaining with their tricks and racing speed.

The star superdog was the dancing miniature Collie. She "danced" equally well backward as well as forward. She was a pure delight.

The star of the CNE, however, was hypnotist, Mike Mandel. He mixed hypnosis with comedy that had his subjects doing a wide range of ludricous things like quaking in fear when he made a face, complaining about being pinced when he snapped his fingers and becoming weird superheroes when he said "superhero". 

The subjects were mostly teenage girls and he didn't get them to do anything lewd or in poor taste. Four stars.

Unfortunately, we never got to see the Chinese Lantern Festival at Ontario place because it costs $15 a person in the evening.(Ontario Place is free in the morning and afternoon if you come through the CNE fairgrounds at that time.)

I'll give the CNE three stars. It's well worth a visit if you're in Toronto in the latter part of August. (The IAMS Superdogs) (Who Is Mike Mandel?)


Posted by qualteam at 5:06 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 20 August 2006 5:14 PM EDT
Saturday, 19 August 2006
Favourite Blog Entries
Mood:  special

Out of the 927 entries in this blog, I've managed to pick some of my favourite material. These are located on the right hand side under "Personal Favourite Blog Entries", "Message Statements" and "Some Top Ten Lists"

Putting together  "The Best Of The Barron Blog" is quite a task. I'll probably have to wait for my next weekly vacation in September to complete this project.

My blog covers my different areas of interest and reality, both personal and universal.

Posted by qualteam at 10:18 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 19 August 2006 10:31 AM EDT
Friday, 18 August 2006
Last Day Of A Week's Vacation
Mood:  a-ok

Over the week, I managed to catch up with my chores somewhat. I trimmed my mother's hedges. I broke down dead branches in her backyard and placed them in large paper pages.

At home, I did work on our back lawn by putting top soil, fertilizer and grass seed on the burnt areas. I also weeded our garden, ironed shirts and drove my step son to work everyday. My wife, Irene, usually does this but I gave her a break so she could sleep in a few extra hours before going to work.

I still have two and a half weeks of vacation left. I spread it out over the year.

Irene and I plan to go the Canadian National Exhibition tomorrow as well as the Chinese Lantern Festival at Ontario Place. There's always lots to do in Toronto. Check it out: (The CNE is 128 years old.) (Ontario Place) (Have you been to Cartoon World yet?)


Posted by qualteam at 11:11 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 18 August 2006 11:17 AM EDT
Thursday, 17 August 2006
Ceasefire Starts A New Beginning In Lebanon

The Israeli attacks only increased Hezbollah's leader Hassan Nasrallah's popularity as a resistance fighter. Primarily, this is a political group that is trying to take over Lebanon by demonstrating that it can defend the Lebanonese and help rebuild hospitals and homes.

Obviously, the secret of defeating the Hezbollah lies in lowering its popular appeal amongst the Lebanonese people. The citizens of Lebanon must be made aware of the the negative aspects of this  so-called "resistance movement".

  • Hezbollah used Lebanonese citizens as human shields in the battle with Israel.
  • Instead of going through diplomatic circles to resolve disputes with Israel, they attacked the Israeli military on their own soil. 
  • Carrying arms from another country(i.e Iran)compromises Lebanonese sovereignty and promotes armed clashes inside and/or outside of Lebanon. 
  • Lebanon has its own armed forces. It has no need for warlords like Hassan Nasrallah and his personal militia.

The present Lebanon Government could make Hezbollah an illegal political party unless it disarms itself. An amnesty could be offered to the militia at that point. Resolving disputes with Israel in a fair and non-violent way would be part of this solution.

If diplomacy fails, U.N. peacekeepers should be empowered to take away the weapons of the Hezbollah militia. (Links On Lebanon)

Posted by qualteam at 11:36 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 17 August 2006 12:23 PM EDT
Wednesday, 16 August 2006
Top AIDS Activists At The Toronto Conference
Mood:  on fire

It warms my heart to see how many people are involved with the AIDS movement around the world. This is medical stewardship of mankind at its highest human level. Unfortunately, there are still billions of people who don't give a damn about this disease because it hasn't affected their families, YET.

Louise Binder: Louise has been HIV-positive for over 14 years. She was one of the first to organize woman against this disease. She was honoured with the Order of Ontario for her successful battle to get vaccines covered for HIV-positive children. (Louise Binder talks to the Globe and Mail)

Stephen Lewis: He's our special envoy for AIDS with the U.N. Formerly, a political leader in Ontario. He has become Canada's most passionate voice against AIDS in Africa. If you get a chance to hear him talk, listen to him. (Who Is Stephen Lewis?)

Bill Gates: The founder of Microsoft contributed 500 million dollars to the cause this week. He may have helped to get Warren Buffett on board as well. (The Gates Foundation)

Bill Clinton: He's definitely the main visionary in this conference. Check out what he said: "If we could turn the tide of this epidemic, it will unleash a burst of energy and belief in human potential that I think will spill over into tuberculosis, malaria, economic development, climate change and anything we can possibly imagine." (The Clinton Foundation)

Our prayers and best wishes go with all the delegates at the AIDS conference. 

Posted by qualteam at 11:51 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 16 August 2006 12:10 PM EDT
Tuesday, 15 August 2006
Visions Of Heaven

It's a place of connecting where all of life is in harmony. It's a place of understanding where the secrets of the universe are revealed. It's a place of peace in infinite time and space.  It's a place within the soul that radiates spiritual/life energy in this life and the next. (Heavenly Experiences)


Posted by qualteam at 10:55 PM EDT
Monday, 14 August 2006
Visions Of Hell From This Writer

It's like being caught in a violent video game that you just can't win because you run out of lives. You may do good at the lower levels, but in the upper levels, humans don't have the speed to do well. "Grand Theft Auto" and "Resident Evil" are two outstanding examples of these games.

The almost continuous wars in the Middle East could be one version of "Hell on Earth". Some of these wars like the 1956, 1967 and 1973 conflicts became board games.

In the 20th century, they were board games. In the 21st century, they were computer games. In the 22nd century, probably, virtual reality games. We all want to leave the game a winner, but with war games on higher levels that may be difficult to do. Make sure you have lots of lives.

The basic universal "Hell/Gehenna Game" is still around somewhere. You have to maintain your memory through many lifetimes to win it. Here a preview: . My version of it, of course.

Having lost at hellfun, there's no doubt, some evil spirits try to recover their losses by using humans as pawns in a game called "Body Count". This is a sad, degraded game where religious control is used to kill bodies and collect lost souls.

Posted by qualteam at 11:19 AM EDT
Sunday, 13 August 2006
Crusade For What You Believe In
Mood:  a-ok

Crusades are wonderful things. Slavery was eliminated in the British Empire in the early 19th century when the English Christian churches fought against it. Child labour was brought to an end because a writer like Charles Dickens made an issue of it.

Tommy Douglas was the first politician to introduce public health insurance to Canada.

University students in the U.S. organized against the Veitnam war and helped bring it to an end.

At the Aids Conference in Toronto, Bill Gates dedicated half a billion dollars to manage and lessen this dreaded disease.

Most of us may not be in a postion to do what Bill Gates did or to directly influence evils like "The Middle East Wars", "Global Warming", and  the "World Trade Barriers" that continue poverty in Third World countries.

However, we all can become prayer warriors and link up with other crusading spirits who want to lessen those destructive conditions that can bring us all down. It's not total evil eradication. It's just making the world a better place to live in for ourselves and our children. (The Aids Conference In Toronto) (Prayer Warriors On Line)

Posted by qualteam at 9:18 PM EDT
Saturday, 12 August 2006
What I Would Do With 42 Million?
Mood:  vegas lucky

That's the amount Lotto 649 is tonight. The second largest lottery prize in Canadian history. 

Being a screenwriter, I would probably use half of it to make movies. With the rest, I would give 10 million to our families and relatives because Irene and I have large extended families.

I would set aside one million to invest in blue chip stocks and bonds. The rest would be given away to various Canadian charities to help feed and educate poor people in Canada and the Third World.

Obviously, when our movies are commerically successful, We'll be able to help out many worthy causes in different countries.

As far as luxuries are concerned, we wouldn't have many, a trip to Arizona every now and then. Maybe, a trip to Australia(My wife's favourite destination).

It's very hot in the Greater Toronto Area during the summer. We would probably buy a nice place near Spaniard's Bay, Newfoundland and cool off during the summer months. 

What would you do with 42 million? Gambling is big in Ontario. Why not make a donation?

Posted by qualteam at 6:40 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 12 August 2006 6:44 PM EDT
Friday, 11 August 2006
Getting Around Hotel California's Theme Parks Is Now Easier
Mood:  spacey

In Cartoon World, humans interact with Toons and vice-versa. This is two-dimensional reality at its best. Spiritual journeys can be be arranged to find one's personal cartoonist.

Cartoon World is found at

In Area 53, you definitely will meet aliens of one kind or another. Be prepared for anything and enter at your own risk.

Area 53 is linked to

If you like a game of golf with a differance, why not play with "things that go bump in the night." on the "Hotel California Golf Course"? Please be warned, not for those with a heart condition.

Take a preview of the course at

Posted by qualteam at 11:47 PM EDT

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