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Who Is Visiting Our Websites?
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What are our visitors searching for? 

"Hotel California" is the search term that reaches our "Angel At Hotel California" website. "Confidential Files" is the main phrase that brings up the mysterious "Area 53" file. "Zen Humor", "Native-American Burial Grounds" also lead to our other sites. will always connect to the challenges and mysteries at Hotel California. 
Web businesses like cryptcrawler send unique visitors to our pages through their free listing services.
Once someone arrives at a portal page, they usually click on a link that sends them to a different preview site.
I could give different theories as to why people come to our websites, but only they have their personal explanation. 
"The Angel At Hotel California" was our top website with 5826 unique visitors over the last 21 months.  This translates into over 17 hits per day in the week ending Feb/13/03. 
"Area 53, Confidential Files"  was our top website for the week ending Feb/13/03. It averaged over 18 hits per day during that week.
"The Hotel California Adventure Begins" was our third most popular site over the time frames above.
4073 visitors for 21 months with over 15 hits per day during the last week.
"The Native-American Burial Grounds" was in fourth place with over 10 visitors per day during the week ending Feb/13/03.
It worthwhile to note that our page views per month increased from 5700 in September/02 to over 8000 in the middle Febuary 2003.

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