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Some Reviews Of Hotel California
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Screenplay Reviews 

The following are positive reviews of various friends, consultants and film professionals who have read early and recent drafts of our screenplay, Hotel California. 

Kevin Eaton, Dir. of Development, IPC Films
"The story was well written."
Stacy Darline, Writer and Script Consultant
"There are quite a few sequences that contain remarkable amounts of dream-like, (and nightmarish), events which give your script something that many screenplays don't have- a vivid imagination."
"David, as I turned the final page in your script, I can truthfully say it was an entertaining read. I was as if I had eaten an entire chocolate cream pie by myself."
Chad Marting, Story Editor, Roaside Attractions
"It is a great concept with interesting characters."
Jacqueline Radley, Story Editor, First Entertainment
"It was written well and I would suggest the script as a possibility for others."
Kaye Bewley, Script Consultant
"Your ideas and use of words are wonderfully put together. What you have written is vividly colorful."
Mark Kochman, Dentist
"I found the script suspenseful in places and funny in places. The ending was a complete surprise and threw me for a loop."
Karen Chow, Postal Worker
"The script was very suspenseful and humorous. It was also well plotted with a great climax."
Kelly Vitullo, Student
"The idea behind the plot is quite good. The native aspect of the script gave it a good richness---the kind that Oliver Stone often directs. It was a pleasure to read."
Dave Raitt, Screenwriter
"I'd like to thank you for letting me work on the script. It was an interesting experience to see how another writer works. I found the story extremely interesting and I am sure that others in more lofty positions will as well. Best of luck to you in your endeavors."

Jon Micalone, Writing Coach
"Very well written synopsis. If you would like to submit the script I would be very happy to read it."

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