What Kind Of Movie Do You Want To Make?

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What Kind Of Movie Do You Want To Make?
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I guess we'd all like to a make movie on a reasonable budget with great stars and a good story-line. Of course, one would prefer to create something in his/her favourite genre, but the bottom line would be a product that makes money and doesn't lose it.

1. First of all, one has to like the pitch. This could be a logline, an ad line, a webpage, a flyer: a hook of some sort. Something that hits home in less than five seconds.   

2. Background and genre are very important considerations in reaching the right audience. Stories that are located somewhere else than present day earth have always been popular. Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Wizard Of Oz and Disney Films are just a few with exotic backgrounds. Taking an audience to somewhere unknown can be very entertaining. 

3. Since costs can be large factor in making a movie, it is important to promote one's project as cheaply as possible. This can be easily done through the internet. Many promotional services are free and webhosting is very cheap.

4. The most important part of the story-line is the beginning. It should get the audience into the conflicts and problems of the story itself. It should introduce the main characters in interesting and dynamic ways.

5. Of course, the ending is important. Preferably, it should be a surprise ending that knocks your socks off. It should also tie most of the loose ends together, but not all of them. Personally, I like to see the underdog triumph over circumstances or enemies that are more powerful than oneself.

6. Suspense and dramatic action can often benefit from "comedy relief" at the right time. I prefer dark humor or intelligent witticisms. Characters, even bad guys can have a funny side. Why not develop it?

7. The information covered above has to be passionately communicated to the readers and to the audience. While others can make suggestions on the points above, the writer has to make these comments his own. A movie or a screenplay can be a "dog's breakfast" if this isn't done. 

8. Needless to say, having the right creative team is important to a project. This includes, the producer, the director, the actors, etc. Part of it has to do with understanding the work. Part of it has to do with artistic vision. There are many factors that have to be in place to make a project successful and care has to be taken to put them in place.

9. In nineth spot is the development of the plot, the characters, the conflicts and the mysteries that need solving. Often characters are underdogs in a situation and they need all their resources to get out of it.

10. If a movie is put together well using the above steps, it should get good reviews. Reviews are often a matter of taste and perception. What one reviewer "sees" in a movie may not be what another "sees". We are all entitled to our own opinion.

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