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We believe in working as a team with an agent, producer and a director in achieving mutual goals in filmmaking. We, also, believe in working with other artists and professionals to create the best writing products that we can achieve.

Our Basic Writing Policies

1. Believe in yourself and your work.
2. Have high standards and rewrite your materials to meet them.
3. Use your experiences, your imagination and your whole being to create unique individualized works.
4. Forget about the failures of yesterday. The motivation to write well is within you today and you will create tomorrow's realities.
5. Never invalidate your ability to learn or to do well.
6. Always be willing to improve the quality of your writing.
7. Never stop learning about your profession.
8. Separate the chaff from the wheat on what others tell you about writing or your writing.
9. Take joy in what you do. It's creating something out of nothing.
10. Organize your time judiciously between study, writing and the promotion of your work.

Hotel California Previews

What's New?/Awards

The Quality Writing Team Partnership

David Barron is the main screenwriter and web designer.
Irene Barron is a screenwriter and business manager.

We work together as a team in all aspects of our life.

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My day job is that of a retired postal worker.