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Re-inventing Canada Post
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Opportunities In The Future For Canada Post 

Imagine if someone at Canada Post had invented Facebook or Twitter. It certainly wouldn't be in the state that it is now.

Using The Potential Of The Internet

Granted there has been some use of the internet in delivering parcels, but the potential of what can be done hasn't been tapped yet.

Here are some suggestions for expanded Canada Post services on the internet:

1. A Greeting Card Website: Customers would have all kinds of templates and messages for greeting/holiday cards. These cards could be designed manually or with the help of a "card expert". The finished cards would then be delivered to the home address of the recipient.

2. Personal Resume Website: We all know how important it is to send the right resume to the right potential employers. This website would work closely with the federal Job Bank in matching suitable employees with suitable employers. Editing services would be available for customers writing resumes.

3. Development of Literacy and Writing Skills Website: The development of literacy has always been a Canada Post pet project. This project should be moved onto a website where children and adults can improve their literacy and  writing skills for blogs, Facebook and Twitter. The quality of writing on Facebook and Twitter could use some improvement.

4. A database for scholarships and grants in this country. Often, scholarships and grants go unclaimed by students because they don't know about them.

5. Cheap money transfers and exchange of money from one  currency to another. Banks are expensive in this regard.


Some look at conditions the way they are and ask why? I look at  conditions the way they could be and ask, why not?