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The Grave of the Unknown Mailman
The Grave of the Unknown Mailman

 Before I retired, the corporation had posted a profit in 12 of its last 13 years. That was much better than the U.S. Post Office and other post offices around the world.
Do you remember, "The Corporate Bonus Incentive"? I received that in the last two years that I worked. Why was it never applied to our pension? I don't know. Do you?
Our severance was paid out to us in 2002 or 2003. Why was it never put into our pension? I don't know. Probably things looked rosier back than.
Before 2000, pension surpluses went to the Federal Government for supporting our pension plan. After that, dividends were paid to the Government and pension holidays  were taken by the corporation during profitable years.
This is not good, at a time when "The Defined Pension Benefit Plans" were starting to see large "Solvency Deficits", the surpluses and dividends should have been incorporated into pension revenues.
Would have, could have, and should have. It's so much water under the bridge, but have we learned from our mistakes?
While the Canada Post is a business, it is also a public service in that it delivers mail to all parts of Canada. UPS, Fedex don't do that. When I worked at the Toronto Exchange Office, parcels which went to Rural Routes or Box numbers were delivered by Purolator
We used to handle many FedEx parcels that came through the U.S. postal service.
The above were smart ideas that produced profits for our section.
I know that Canada Post gives volume discounts to the ad mailers, but many years ago Christmas cards had a discounted rate so that customers would send many of them. I believe that worked beautifully for awhile.
Most Canadians send out hard copy Christmas cards. It's part of our Xmas traditions like snowmen and christmas trees.
Customers should be encouraged to use the letter mail, not only for  Christmas, but for Valentine's Day, Mother Day's and birthdays. If it's a personal card, it should get a discounted rate. Promote the public service aspect of the Post Office.
I also believe that seniors and the disabled should continue to get door to door service. The heat in the summer or the cold in the winter could be dangerous for them in getting mail from a super mailbox.
Christmas parcels should be discounted as well in order to encourage more gifts sent at Christmas time. Lets have a "Black Friday Week" for Christmas presents in November.
We have to extend our Christmas promotions beyond the level of "elves" who deliver Santa's mail.
I loved the heavy volumes of mail at Christmas. Sure there was overtime, but it felt that the post office was working for the economy and the season.
The Post Office was set up to deliver "high volume/low cost" mail to all the people in Canada.
Under the Conservative Government, the business model has changed to "low volume/high cost" without it being easily accessible to seniors and the disabled.
There is a danger that Canada Post could become "Blackberry Parcels".
Lets not let that happen. 

Have a message for the present CEO of Canada Post? You can reach him here:

Mr. Deepak Chopra

President and CEO Canada Post Corporation

2701 Riverside Drive

Ottawa, Ontario

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