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Dave Barron's last day at TEO and the Post Office

All good things must to come to an end including my career as a Postal Worker. I was hired on July/03/73 and I retired on Feb/14/09.
It worked 28 years at the Toronto Exchange Office which was and still is responsible for incoming international mail. I enjoyed the variety of work there and the company of many oldtimers. Most of them have left this section or retired. 
I exercise at a Brampton Community Center three days a week for an hour. It's great to get my proper rest and bike to the gym whenever I want.
Not only do I get the full Post Office pension, but the Canada Pension as well. I'm lucky to be in a defined pension plan that's in good shape.
On Thursday Apr/16/09, I collected my last bonus check from The Post Office. Needless to say, it was better than the one last year. I ask President, Moya Greene to put the bonus money towards "The Pension Deficit" in 2008, but she didn't listen to me. That's ok, I can use the money.
I was really floored by the size of the bonus. After all, we are in a recession, but Canada Post had a small profit last year while the U.S Post Office was billions of dollars in debt.
I intend to keep writing in my blog at and updating my webpages occasionally.
I'll also keep writing stories and screenplays.

With taxes taken off, it was $923.00 Canadian

My last souvenir bonus check. Framed on this website.
Enjoy some of the songs on my Ipod that help to energize my workouts.