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Work Before The Post Office
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I worked at alot of temp jobs.

Before I started in the Post Office, I worked at many things. Some were temporary minimum wage jobs like the one above.
I was also fired from five positions for the most specious reasons: "The boss didn't like my face. I was too slow. I was talking about stuff that I shouldn't have been talking about. I was late a few minutes too many times in a month. A supervisor smelled beer on my breath."
While I've had attendence interviews at the Post Office, I've never been fired or suspended. Very seldom have I been harassed by a supervisor and when I have I let him/her know  in no uncertain terms. After that, they back off in order to avoid further confrontation.

My PO5 job is a safe secure position. Soon, I'll be getting a defined indexed pension. Something that few Canadians get. 

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